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   Chapter 976 This Is Robbery

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5596

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'It seems that these servants have been trapped in the City for too long. This confinement is affecting their mental health.

Well, let me release them into the world for a little while.'

Austin understood why Tyson was behaving oddly.

So, he activated the City, and transferred the servants from the City to the grassland.

In a flash, more than thirty servants appeared beside Austin. They were all thrilled and grateful, like Tyson.

It took them a few minutes

to calm down.

Then they looked at Austin with gratitude, respect, and hope.

Austin, as their owner, cared enough to understand their dilemma and free them from the City.

"I'm sorry, master. We were so excited that we got a little out of control,"

Tyson said to Austin once he calmed down.

"It's okay. I understand,"

Austin smiled as he replied.

"We might have reached the Triangle Zone already.

Take a look around and see if you recognize this place,"

Austin instructed.

Tyson surveyed the land before answering, "Master, if my memory is correct, this is a grassland at the border of the Triangle Zone.

If we move toward the west, we will reach the Triangle Zone."

Tyson pointed to the west side of the grassland as he spoke.

"All right. Let's head toward the Triangle Zone."

Austin nodded.

Then he wore the Appearance-transforming Clothes, which changed his appearance to that of an ordinary middle-aged man.

After collecting the four archaic weapons, Austin's appearance was no longer a secret in the South Continent.

Even in the Triangle Zone, there was a risk that some people might have seen his portrait. With his original appearance, he co

ghtforward, and the smile on his face showed that he was serious.

"Wow. How impressive. You have the guts to rob people at the entrance of a city?"

Austin said in awe.

The Triangle Zone was indeed a haven for outlaws.

Austin turned to the guards, who obviously had no plan to intervene. They watched and gossiped among themselves as though this was a show for them.

Many cultivators passed by as well.

But no one paid any attention to the on-going crime. They were occupied with their errands.

What's more, robbery was not uncommon in this city.

'They're so bold that they don't need to find a less public spot?'

Austin was amused.

"What shall we do, master? They seem to be powerful,"

Tyson asked. His tone was laced with the worry he felt.

The other servants were also on edge.

"No need to worry. They cannot hurt us,"

Austin smiled confidently.

Austin's casual attitude annoyed the leader.

All of a sudden, his eyes narrowed, and his anger flared.

"Well, it seems like you have made the wrong choice.

Let's do it, brothers. Do not leave any of them alive."

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