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   Chapter 976 Arriving At The Triangle Zone

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The second Austin got into the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, he felt like he was being enveloped by its magical powers all around.

Then he finally took out two divine vital energy crystals as was required from his Space Ring and put them in the chariot.

After doing so, he activated the chariot with the aid of his spiritual sense.


The odd runes on its body kept glinting, tinting the sky with bright glow. In a split second, the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot began moving forward.

A ray of purple light flashed through the sky and divided it into virtually two parts, which was the chariot carrying Austin flying in the air.

The speed of the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot totally took Austin by surprise.

Its speed was a hundred times faster than his Thunderbolt Movement Skill.

That was the Herculean power of an archaic weapon.

Austin marveled in mind that not even a Tribulation Realm cultivator could catch up with him at such a speed. He was practically beyond defeat.

He was grinning from ear to ear at this thought. Even though he could not defeat a Tribulation Realm cultivator for now, with the help of the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, he could easily run away next time he met one.

He finally understood why those cultivators in the Prime Martial World were fighting so violently over those weapons.

The power of an archaic weapon did knock down everyone as if they were feathers.

After about two long hours, a vast continent along the seaside came into Austin's eyesight.

After the rays of purple light flashed through the sky, Austin had been over the continent from the Middle World Waters.

"Damn it! This chariot is damn fast, but it consumes my divine vital energy crystal so quickly! I wonder how will I keep up like this?"

Austin, sitting in the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot, felt so reluctant to have to use all those divine vital energy crystals to keep this thing flying.

The chariot had cost ten of his divine vital energy crystals in only two hours. It was a hefty price to pay.

This very fact caused him a great deal of heartache.

No matter where he went before, Austin only needed to spend some of his vital energy force in exerting his bodily movement skill to reach his destination. It was an easy task before the chariot came.

That just cost him a little time to have a rest before he regained his strength.

But now, he had to spend a huge amount of his divine vital energy crystals when he used the


When he opened his eyes, he was greeted with the scenery of a vast grassland.

Then he saw Austin when he turned on his side.

Tyson froze and hadn't realized what just happened to him as he stared at the grassland.

"Master, what happened? Where are we now?"

Tyson asked Austin carefully after a while when he was stabilised.

"Have a good look! You are in the Triangle Zone."

Austin smiled.

"The Triangle Zone?

Master, you sa-said this is the Triangle Zone?

How's that even be possible? I remember I was still in the weird city just moments ago and now I am here.

I don't really understand what is going on, master.

Do you mean that I am out of the place?"

Tyson asked Austin utterly confused.

Austin gave no answers but instead pressed on his temple to relieve his headache when he heard Tyson asked so many questions at once.

But Austin could understand Tyson's feeling. After all, Tyson had been trapped in the City for a hundred years. It was natural for him to be this overwhelmed.

It was hard for Tyson to digest the fact

that he had been out of the City all of a sudden without any effort.

"Well, you are out of the City now.

That's all you need to know right now."

Austin found it difficult to explain the whole situation to Tyson, so he just gave a brief answer.

"I'm out of the city? I'm out of the city!

Finally! Finally!"

Tyson murmured excitedly.

He kept mum for a while.

"Ha-ha! Finally! Now I can finally leave the damn place! I have been trapped there for a hundred years. A hundred years! Such a long time!"

Tyson burst out suddenly full of emotions.

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