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   Chapter 975 The Successful Refinement Of The Ancient Sword

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The Triangle Zone was well known to the South Continent of the Prime Martial World due to its chaos. It would be no exaggeration to say that it was one of the most chaotic regions in the entire continent.

It was not under the jurisdiction of any holy kingdom or empire. Legend said that the Triangle Zone used to be a territory of an ancient sect a long time ago.

That ancient sect was said to be extremely powerful. It was rumored to have dominated the whole Prime Martial World.

However, something unexpected had happened. For some unknown reasons, the strong sect was mysteriously destroyed overnight, leaving no survivors. No one knew the real reason behind its sudden disappearance, and maybe no one ever would.

Since then, no one ruled the Triangle Zone and it was thrown into complete chaos, making it the most chaotic area in the South Continent.

Countless desperadoes from all over the world flooded into this area to escape the trials in their places. As a result, the law of the jungle, the most uncivilized and barbarous way, dominated the entire region.

No other rules or restrictions existed in the Triangle Zone except for the law of the jungle. It turned into a dog-eat-dog world.

In other words, it was a world where the weak were nothing but food while the strong ate them.

In a world where the absolute strength had dominated everything else, the weak had no power over anything, not even their own lives.

In other areas of the South Continent, there were empires, royal families, and organizations who maintained order and resolved disputes in both fair and unfair ways.

However, it did not apply to the Triangle Zone where various forces gathered and fought against one another to gain more benefits such as land, women, and resources. They kept battling and battling. The killing was endless. As long as one could show his strength, he could do whatever he wanted even if they were evil and unjust. In fact, none of them saw this kind of behavior to be inappropriate.

In essence, the Triangle Zone was home to a group of evil and ferocious people. It was their paradise.

"What? Are you planning on going to the Triangle Zone, master?"

Tyson asked to confirm. He was both surprised and pleased to hear Austin's decision.

He used to be a member of the Triangle Zone. Now it had been about one hundred years since he last set foot on that place. No wonder he was glad to hear Austin claim that he was going to head there. Tyson was eager to return there. It was his home to some extent.

"Yes. I've made up my mind.

Hey, everybody. Please take a good long rest here in the city and refresh yourselves. I'll let you know when we're about to take off," Austin exclaimed with a determined look.

Later, he thought for a few moments as he rubbed his hand on his chin. Then he took out some cultivation resources and handed them to the guys-- his new servants.

Austin was not a penny pincher. He deduced that they must have been close to running out of cultivation resources given that they had been trapped in the city for quite a long time.

Now that they were his servants, it meant that they were his men. He did not want them to be useless. It would be very good for him if he had an army that could also show their strength. So he decided to refuel them by giving them more resources. Although he would lose a portion of his resources, it would also benefit him in the long run.

Those peop

t this ancient sword was made to cause deaths. This idea alone was horrifying enough!

Meanwhile, bits and pieces of information about the sword appeared in Austin's Soul Sea.

The Slaughtering Sword! That was its name!

It was a low-grade archaic weapon.

"The Slaughtering Sword? Hmm! The name surely matches its aura perfectly!

Is it really that powerful? I would find out when the time comes and I hope it doesn't disappoint me,"

Austin muttered in a low voice.

He observed the blade carefully and waved it for a while. Wearing a satisfied look on his face, he took it back.

"It's finally time to head for the Triangle Zone!"

his eyes gleamed with expectant lights as he exclaimed with a determined look.

He had been staying in the city for six whole days.

Somewhere deep in the Middle World Waters, a giant diabolic whale was swimming freely. It swallowed sea beasts that had smaller bodies from time to time as it starved for snacks. It was living comfortably with lots of time for leisure.


Suddenly, a bloody hole burst out on the back of its body. The water near the hole turned red because of the blood and flesh. A human being flew out of the hole in a very fast speed.


The diabolic whale could not help but roar in great pain. It was convulsing with rage. Heavy swells suddenly surged in the area around it thanks to the stir caused by its giant body.

All the weak sea beasts scrambled to swim away for their own lives.

The man rushed upwards to the surface of the sea as quickly as he could.

Before long, he had already broken through the surface and floated in the air above the sea.

"Where would I be now? Hmmm, let me figure it out!"

It was none other than Austin himself.

He released his spiritual sense to pinpoint his location and to inspect his surroundings carefully.

"This direction will probably lead me to the land!"

he murmured.

He then waved his hand and immediately, an ancient chariot with shadows of dragon and phoenix vaguely circling around it appeared right in front him as it floated in the air. It was the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot.

"Well! It is time to show me your true strength, you costly archaic weapon!"

Austin stepped inside the Dragon and Phoenix Chariot without hesitation.

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