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   Chapter 974 Triangle Zone (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5739

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he coldly warned.

The leader of the Flying Fish Sect was the first to react.

But in a way that would only make the situation worse.

Watching Austin's gaze, he needed only a fraction of a second to escape. Cautiously he picked himself up, dusted his painful knees and without warning dashed off like an arrow.

Though he was only at the premium stage of Imperial Realm, apparently he had practiced and perfected his movement skills.


A slash of the sword chased after him, cracking with thunder and lightning.

Then the body of the leader of the Flying Fish Sect was cut into halves.

"Don't kill me, please! I will give you my spiritual orb," another cultivator in the crowd begged for his life as he was shocked by this horrible scene.

Everyone watching was scared to death. Austin's power was so astounding. And the way he fought, they had no doubt he was ready to kill anyone who dared to move.

But since their colleague had already failed in provoking him, the two leaders of the Evergreen Sect and the Iron Palm Sect quickly moved to avert disaster. Leading by example, they ordered all their disciples to bind their spiritual orbs to Austin.

At the moment, there simply was no room for bargaining.

Austin loved it that way. Readily, he took their orbs and bound them under his reign.

This arcane spell was really useful.

By the time he was done, he felt satisfied with himself as he looked at the forty plus cultivators he had subdued into his servants.

The only challenge was that for the spell to be fully effective, it needed the giver's consent without coercion.

"What a pity!" he said to himself.

But he also knew that if people could use it to control oth

into ecstatic celebrations.


Austin was speechless as he looked at his servants' excitable behavior.

"Wait, Triangle Zone?"

Austin suddenly noticed something.

"Did you say you are from the Triangle Zone ?"

he asked Tyson.

According to what Angus had told him, one of the precious special sources for his body remodeling were found somewhere in the Triangle Zone.

But Austin had planned to find Angus's daughter before he collected the sources of the body remodeling for Angus.

But with this new information that he had stumbled on right here, he changed his plan. Now he was going to collect the sources for Angus's body remodeling first, before going in search for his daughter.

"Yes, I am from the Triangle Zone. "

Tyson confirmed.

"Well, then our next destination will be the Triangle Zone! "

That very instant, he made the decision.

At present, it wasn't the perfect time for him to venture anywhere near the three holy empires or to the South Continent as a whole. So if he went to the Triangle Zone, that would be the best place to begin, even as he worked on his other short term goals.

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