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   Chapter 973 Triangle Zone (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6209

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As Austin glanced around, about forty people were kneeling before him.

While scanning the crowd, an idea came up in his mind when his eyes landed on the three sect leaders.

In forced obeisance, the three leaders of the Flying Fish Sect, the Evergreen Sect, and the Iron Palm Sect together with their disciples half knelt before him.

But deep in their eyes, Austin could read unmistakable unwillingness and resistance.

Apparently, the people of these three sects yielded to him begrudgingly because of his strong power.

Deep down their heart, they were unwilling to kneel to him, so they would definitely stab him in the back once they got the chance.

Also, some people from these three sects had chased him and tried to kill him. In all honesty, they were his enemies.

"All your three sects are duplicitous, and I really don't think that I need you."

Austin quickly made up his mind.

He raised the Lightning Sword and was ready to killed them.

"Don't kill us, please!"

The three leaders of the Flying Fish Sect and the other two sects and their disciples were terror stricken by the intense murderous intention in Austin's eyes.

They knew that this time Austin was really going to kill them.

"Please, spare our lives!"

They desperately begged him, everyone kneeling down in earnest plea.

They knew that with only by one slash, Austin could even kill Malick — the very best in their ranks. They simply could not fight him. Even if they fought as a team, he could make light work of killing all the three sects.

"We sincerely submit to you this time!"

The three leaders knew without a doubt that Austin must have seen through their hypocrisy.

"I don't trust you, and I know, if I let you off, it will only be a matter of time before you turn against me. Why would I want a ticking time bomb on my hands?"


ether to give him their spiritual orbs or not.

Finally, Gordon broke the silence.

"Master Austin, I am willing to give you my spiritual orb."

Then he also bound his spiritual sense to Austin.

Next, Jake and about thirty City Guardians all followed suit and bound their spiritual orbs to him.

Effectively, Austin had built up a real master-servant relationship with them.

If he chose to be wicked, he could do with them as he wished, including taking their lives at any time.

But the members of the Flying Fish Sect and the other two sects were still hesitant.

To make his intentions clear, Austin watched them with a not so kind eye, and they knew that when push came to shove, he was not the kind of person anyone would mess with. In his silence, he was only giving them the chance to settle for a peaceful settlement.

Otherwise, he would slaughter them all without any scruples.

"Well, listen to me and listen carefully. In all fairness, I have given you time to think. But since none of you seems to grasp what is at stake, my patience is wearing thin. Now, you have less than a minute to weigh your options. If you cannot decide for yourselves, then I'll be forced to do what I think is the best to do,"

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