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   Chapter 972 Annihilate Malick

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Upon hearing them, Austin realized that the others assumed that like them, he too, had been trapped in this place.

He couldn't help laughing.

"Guys, I'm going to be honest with you.

I own this place now," Austin said straightforwardly.

He thought there was no need to keep this secret from the cultivators.

After all, they were no longer a match for him.

Since they were unequal to him in terms of power and strength, Austin had no reason to worry.

"Excuse me?"

"What did you say?

This city is yours?"

"I'm confused. How can this city be yours?"

Austin's announcement left them shocked and baffled.

A couple of minutes later, the cultivators got over the shock.

"Austin, you must be kidding us.

How can you own this city?"

Tyson asked skeptically.

The other cultivators started at Austin as they waited for his response.

"I'm serious.

I decide whether or not you leave here.

So, what I should do about you?" Austin responded.

The indifferent tone in his voice surprised the others.

"Come on, Austin, do you think you can fool me?

For me, you're as weak as an ant. How dare you try to show off in front of me?

All right. I'll battle you to show you the difference between your strength and mine," Malick retorted disdainfully.

Since Austin had concealed his true vital energy, Malick was under the impression that Austin was still at the medium stage of Sky Realm.

'Even though his spiritual sense is stronger than mine, I can defeat him. After all, my cultivation base is two realms higher than his, ' Malick mused.

"Then why don't you challenge me?"

Austin prompted casually as if he hadn't heard Malick's warning.

"Stop bluffing, you brat," Malick hissed.

Austin's attitude annoyed him more.

As Malick stretched out his hand, a long saber materialized.

In the next instant, he emitted a strong blade intent and directed it at Austin.

"Go to hell!" Malick shouted.

Then, he swung his saber at Austin.

The other cultivators shivered when they saw the blade light.

It appeared as though Malick intended to kill the lad in one attack.

"You're from the Sky Sect, and you hate my guts. I can't let you live," Austin murmured.

Determination flickered in Austin's eyes, and in the next second, a swor

ere arrogant. After all, they were the sect leaders.

They were reluctant to serve Austin.

"What about you?"

Austin asked as he turned to the three sect leaders.

"Austin, we'll live in peace with you here. We promise not to bother you.

What do you say?"

Teddy proposed.

"No way. I am in charge of this place,"

Austin refused, shaking his head.

'The cultivators from the Flying Fish Sect, Evergreen Sect, and Iron Palm Sect ended up here because they followed me, just as Malick had done.

They don't have good intentions. Certainly not toward me.

I won't show them any mercy if they refuse to serve me, ' he thought.

"All right.

Since you're unwilling to follow me, I'll kill all of you," he said coldly.

Austin lifted his Lightning Sword slowly.

At the sight, the three sect leaders and their followers were shocked. They took a step back.

"Wait. We're willing to follow you," the three sect leaders blurted out.

They knew that they wouldn't be able to withstand Austin's attack.

So they yielded.

"So all of you will work for me from now on?" Austin asked.

At the same time, he stared at each of the cultivators.

"Yes, Master Austin," the rest said.

They all felt jittery and frightened as Austin studied their expressions.

The cultivators fell to their knees to show Austin that they were sincere.

As Austin looked at the kneeling cultivators, a thought dawned on him.

'Perhaps I should recruit more people.

This way, I'll have more men at my disposal.'

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