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   Chapter 970 Find Austin

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At the headquarters of the Sky Sect in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom, something important was taking place.

In a magnificent palace, a middle-aged man dressed in white sat at the center, looking down at the disciples in front of him.

The strange force around him created a time and space warp, so his position changed constantly. No one could tangibly tell where he was.

He was the sect leader of the Sky Sect.

"The damn Austin! He is so cruel! I can't believe such a young man would be so merciless. Many of our disciples met their deaths because of him!

Plus he took away all the four archaic weapons. Don't ever let any other sect nab those archaic weapons!

Now, the whole sect's primary task is to find out where Austin is.

Kill him to avenge our disciples' death! And then, the four archaic weapons will all be ours!"

the sect leader of the Sky Sect proclaimed with an imperial air.

Meandwhile, at the headquarters of the Thunder Sect in the Elite Holy Kingdom, something was also transpiring.

"That Austin! He obtained the Thunder Bead and a thunder unicorn. And now, he even owns all the four archaic weapons! He's really damn lucky! What a lucky bastard!

But everything he has will become ours sooner or later.

Send the best disciples of our sect. Go to find out where Austin is and report back to me at once,"

said a sturdy man, thunder and lightning flashing in his eyes.

At the New Moon Sect, in an exquisite attic, Winnie and Isis stayed in an elegant boudoir.

"Winnie, you know what! Our sect leader has invited Master Li to the meeting hall to try and locate Austin now. You know how good he is. He's an expert of the technique of Circulation of Vital Energy. He must be able to tell Austin's specific location through his refined technique,"

Isis said.

"Yeah! I know! Many of the sects have been wanting to get their hands on the four archaic weapons Austin has.

Our sect leader also wants to get the archaic weapons obviously. After all, a single archaic weapon is worth more than a million, not to mention four.

Who would not want to obtain such priceless treasures? I'm sure that as soon as the sect leader finds out where Austin is, she will definitely send her subordinates to go after him,"

Winnie replied.

"Winnie, I need to be honest... I really hated Austin before, but I don't feel that way anymore. After all, he saved our lives.

I find it so hard to believe that man I hated so much has become my savior now.

who exited first.

Before anyone else could move a muscle, they had dashed out already.

"Hey, guys! It's been such a long time!"

Austin said, crossing his arms as he stood in the square paved with white marble slabs. A wicked smile graced his face.

"Austin! It's you!"

The four who got out first were the four Master Realm cultivators, the three castellans and Malick from the Sky Sect.

Then thirty cultivators at the premium stage of Imperial Realm followed after the four and arrived in the square.

"Look! It's Austin!"

Nearly everyone there was surprised to see him.

"Oh, Austin! It's you!"

said one of the three castellans. They froze, screeching to a halt.

They, however, greeted him rather politely.

They had witnessed the power of his spiritual sense and knew well that the young man in front of them was far above their league. They didn't want to anger him in the slightest.

Malick, however, snorted and tried to ignore Austin.

He still looked down on Austin, after all.

"Austin, do you have any idea about how to get out of the City?"

Tyson asked.

When the others heard this, they looked at Austin, anticipating his reply.

They had been trapped in the Illusory Palace during this whole time, while Austin could walk around outside the palace freely.

They guessed that Austin would definitely try to get out of there.

"Oh! Come on! If he knew how to get out, how would it even be possible that he's still here?"

Malick snickered.

When the others heard this, disappointment flooded their eyes.

Malick was right.

If Austin had found a way to get out the City, he would have been long gone.

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