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   Chapter 968 Violet's New Illusion Ability

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7120

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After Austin gave Violet the sources which were helpful for her breakthrough, he and the gnome went to the opposite ends of the street and stood guard for her.

At the center of the street, Violet had transformed into her natural form, which was a small pink vixen.

But right now, there was a thick demonic aura which permeated her body. A visible demonic aura circled her like a whirlwind. The entire street was filled with this intense demonic aura.

Violet's small form was transforming rapidly at the center of the demonic aura. She shifted back and forth from human to a demonic beast.

Austin marveled at this scene. He had not seen anything much like it.

The next day, the whirlwind of demonic aura at the center of the street had grown increasingly fierce. On the entire stretch of the street, sand and stones shot into the sky.

Every now and then there were pink blinking light and the telltale sound of a fox's howl.

Two days later, "Whir!"

A demonic power was rapidly released from the center of the street.

Then the whirlwind of demonic aura appeared to have been summoned by something as they gathered towards the center of the street.

After a moment, all the demonic aura had totally vanished.

The whole street was finally back to normal.

At its center, a two-meter high and five-meter long pink fox bounded forward.

She even had two long, bushy tails!

At the moment, they were wagging energetically.


Austin was amazed that Violet's natural body had grown much bigger than before.

She was no longer small and weak.

"Violet, are you a beast master now!?"

Austin was shocked once he sensed the demonic power of Violet.

The power of the beast masters were as strong as human cultivators at the stage of Master Realm.

"Ha-ha! Oh, master, don't be shocked!

We nine-tailed demon foxes descend the ancient beasts like the gnome. So the system of our breakthrough is different from other diabolic beasts.

Sometimes we are even able to breakthrough several realms at a time!"

Violet's voice explained.

"What about your two tails?"

Austin was quit


Violet cautioned him.

"Is that so?

But one hour should be enough,"

Austin replied.

He had gotten the four archaic weapons in the palace of the ancient master, so all the masters of the South Continent in the Prime Martial World must be searching for him everywhere.

Austin had planned to find a quiet and secret place to escape their hunt and enhance his power.

But right now, Violet had a wonderful new ability which could change everything.

This ability, combined with a disguise, meant that he could go anywhere of the South Continent in the Prime Martial World like he used to freely do.

As long as he was careful, even the masters at the stage of the Tribulation Realm would find it difficult to track him.

Violet decided to stay in the street to cultivate. She needed to consolidate her power because her breakthrough had just taken place.

The gnome also took the Magic Sea Water and tried to see if he could breakthrough his current stage as soon as possible.

So he found another street and concentrated on his cultivation.

Meanwhile, Austin made up his mind to visit Tessa, Marwell, and Michelle.

Then he controlled the transporting power of the City using his mind.

In a flash, he was sent to the street where Tessa lived.

He perceived with his spiritual sense and found Tessa's beautiful figure quickly. He walked to the small building in which she was.

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