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   Chapter 967 A Costly Archaic Weapon (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6036

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"What the hell! Is this thing old enough to grow intelligence? Can it fight on its own?"

Austin felt amazed at the chariot's reactions. It was so strange.

But Austin would not give up easily. He reinforced his energies and poured more of his spiritual sense into the ancient chariot. He needed to mark that thing as his own. He was desperate for that purpose.

The fight between the two sides lasted for a considerable amount of time. Finally, Austin won. With the help of his strong spiritual sense, he successfully subdued the resisting power from the ancient chariot.

Above all, he left the spiritual sense mark of his own inside the ancient chariot!

Austin let out a sigh of relief. He had the chariot of his own now. He was victorious.

A sense of weakness suddenly overshadowed Austin's Soul Sea as he had consumed much of his spiritual sense. It wasn't until this moment that he realized how debilitated he was.

Though still retaining composure on his face, he could not help but feel shocked in his heart for the ancient chariot's power.

Archaic weapons were indeed powerful! One should handle it with care, otherwise it could possibly have had an adverse effect on those who tried to tame them.

He was by no means a weak warrior in terms of spiritual sense. But it was hard for him to tame and refine the power of the ancient chariot unless the majority part of his spiritual sense was consumed! It was indeed a strenuous task.

So it might be impossible for those Astral Realm and Master Realm warriors to refine the archaic weapons even if they had obtained them. It required massive amount of energy. Not all would possess that.

A magical connection was established between Austin and the ancient chariot as soon as he imprinted his spiritual sense on it.

Some infor

d with excitement.

At present, she was equal to an Imperial Realm human warrior in terms of strength. And it was a big thing.

Compared to Austin, however, she was much inferior. She had a long way to go.

So Violet was eager to make some breakthrough in her power and become stronger.

Austin touched his Space Ring to call out piles of crystal stones, elixirs, magical pills and other precious natural treasures from it. There were so many of them that Violet was dwarfed in front of them.

"Violet, pick anything suitable for you from it. You need something useful as well as powerful to keep up with your practice.

Keep on improving yourself. The gnome and I will guard you when you do it! You can be assured of our protection."

Austin cared a lot about the betterment of Violet's ability.

Sometimes, he even felt remorseful and guilty that he didn't help Violet enough in improving her strength. After all, she had been in his company for a long time. He felt he laced in his responsibility.

Since there was a chance for Violet to advance her power, Austin felt sincerely glad for her and wanted to help her as much as he could. He promised to himself to be the best support.

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