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   Chapter 966 A Costly Archaic Weapon (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6617

Updated: 2019-09-27 20:52

Two hours passed by just like that.

After a while another four hours passed by in the same way and it still didn't seem to end.

Austin still sat in silence, motionless just like a cold gray stone.

Seething spiritual energy came from the three walls of crystals thick and fast. The tiny golden spot sparkled with golden light over Austin's head absorbed it without stop.

The spot of golden light expanded and it assimilated more and more of the spiritual energy.

Though it seemed just as a sesame seed originally, it had currently grown into the size of a peanut.

Strands of vital energy of the color of a beautiful melting egg yolk light was running wildly inside Austin's body. The strong energy rolled on in waves along every energy meridian in him, pounding his flesh with strong force.

Meanwhile, the Fire Stela in Austin's elixir field emitted mighty refining power to filtrate and extract the energy from the five colorful dragons.

Pure essence of elixirs was extracted from the five dragons and it entered into Austin's flesh, energy meridians, bones and guts. The elixir spread in every vein in his body. He could feel it.

The vital energy force surged in Austin's body and became stronger and stronger with every minute.

The forceful vital energy force fluctuated in Austin's body so much that it even overflowed from his skin. Austin's clothes flapped violently under the force and ballooned like a full sail in a wild sea storm. It was indeed a spectacular scene.

Half of the day passed like this.

And the whole day passed during which Austin had been keeping still for all the duration.

As time went by, the vital energy force shrouding Austin fluctuated more and more violently as it got stronger and stronger.

Finally, the moment Austin had been striving for arrived.

Two days had already passed since Austin began this process.

Austin felt a strong build of vital energy force on the surface of his skin. It rippled like t

focused to summon the thunder unicorn from his elixir field. The divine creature caught up with the chariot and jumped on it. Taking control of the flying chariot, the thunder unicorn gradually brought the chariot down on the ground.

The thunder unicorn put in all the efforts to subdue the ancient chariot, and the chariot got a little bit calmed down.

But it still struggled, shaking violently under that force exerting a strange buzz. It was trying its best to escape from the thunder unicorn's control.

In an attempt to find out the owner mark inside the ancient chariot, Austin launched his spiritual sense into the chariot.

He soon spotted that, to his surprise, there wasn't any spiritual sense marks in the ancient chariot.

It meant that the ancient chariot belonged to nobody currently. There was nobody to claim for its ownership!

Austin launched more and more energies of his spiritual sense into the chariot, trying to leave a spiritual sense mark of his own.

To Austin's amazement, the ancient chariot was, somehow, resisting strongly his spiritual sense on its own like a living creature fighting against an intruder on its territory. Its resisting force was so immense that there was no way for Austin to leave his spiritual sense mark on it. Austin was left speechless by its power.

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