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   Chapter 965 Close To A New Breakthrough (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6673

Updated: 2019-09-27 20:51

And the air continued to fog with blood. Several of the diabolic whales that were not able to escape had to suffer the merciless wrath of the three Tribulation Realm masters. Their eyes were red with anger as they held nothing back. Over and over again, they had repeatedly shot deadly attacks towards the diabolic whales.

After the raging attacks, there was peace once again. It was not long before silence fell into the area. It was indeed, a sight to see, but not in a good way—it was a sea of blood, a murderous scene for anyone to see. The stench of the rotting corpses, and the insides of the whales filled the entire space. It was the sight of death right before anyone's eyes.

The three masters, having killed all of the diabolic whales that unfortunately were not able to escape, still had the deep desire to find Austin. Soon, they unleashed their spiritual sense power, at a much powerful intensity this time, to look for Austin. But what they had was worse—they couldn't find even the slightest trail of his scent, not anymore.

How puzzled and frantic the three masters were! They could not believe that they had lost track of Austin's smell in the area.

Meanwhile, the rest of the warriors who were chasing Austin had come to the subsea area after the other.

But these warriors knew better. They might have the Tribulation Realm masters within their view, but they knew not to get close to them; at least, no one even dared to. Only from afar could they get a look at them for they were swamped with wrath and anger all over their bodies.

Hours had already passed and there were still a great number of unidentified figures that rushed toward the area of the seafloor.

The search had only become more intense every single second. Several other Tribulation Realm masters had also volunteered to conduct the search personally, just to locate Austin.

And without thinking twice, all of the involved people in the search got to the area where Austin was previously seen

ap, out of his elixir field, a small golden ball which represented the second Sun of the Golden Sun Scripture emerged out of thin air.

It floated above Austin's head as it radiated rays of blinding golden light.

As long as the golden light shone upon the superior vital energy crystals, the spiritual energy in those crystals were beginning to draw out. It then rose up in wisps slowly and was soon absorbed by the small golden ball.

Inside Austin's body, countless surges of thick pale golden vital energy began to form between his energy meridians, dashing towards the energy meridian barriers that hindered his new breakthrough.

The progress, however, was not easy. It was very energy-consuming, in fact. From time to time, he also took a handful of the elixirs and pills he had taken out and swallowed them directly to supplement his gradual energy decline.

The elixirs and pills were spread and formed a sort of new power inside his body, which helped him to get rid of the barriers that hindered him.

With all the things that were happening inside his body, his meridian, and his energy, no one would even suspect that he was undergoing such massive changes in his body. Anyone who could see him at this state would only regard him as a regular monk, sitting quietly in the middle of the street, meditating.

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