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   Chapter 965 Close To A New Breakthrough (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6767

Updated: 2019-09-27 20:50

Austin moved his body and rushed into the big bloody mouth of a diabolic whale. In a split second, he found himself inside the mouth of the big diabolic whale sliding down its throat and all the way down to its stomach. Earlier, he had this brilliant idea that he could hide inside the whale initiatively.

The diabolic whale's body could be compared to a big mountain that could swim under the sea. Its mouth was so gigantic that when you peeked inside, you would probably find a dark bottomless well. Austin's figure receded as he went down the diabolic whale's throat. And due to its massive size, the whale couldn't feel any single sting or any feeling even when Austin was inside of it.

With this being said, the diabolic whale had not a single hint that Austin had already reached its stomach.

Austin used his teleportation power of City and teleported himself into the City as soon as he landed on the diabolic whale's stomach. Of course, it was his knee-jerk reaction for he would die if he would not do anything to escape such a monstrous space.

Meanwhile, the City then majestically turned into a grain of sand and made its way through the whale's body and landed on the small intestine. This was the perfect hiding spot for Austin for no one would even suspect that he was there.

A few moments later, he heard three deafening booming sounds. And then, in a blink of an eye, three figures manifested right in front of the sea area he was hiding.

Then, upon the appearance of the three figures, the sea water was separated to give room for them. Tracking Austin all the way, the three people showed up at the area where a group of diabolic whales converged, including the one where he was hiding in.

"What the hell is happening?

That brat should be here! But how come I am unable to track his exact place now? Where could he be? How could his scent be suddenly untraceable?!"

the three people asked one after the other. They were three Tribulation Realm masters.

As the three Tribulation Real

. With the current state of the seafloor, no one could possibly see anything clearly, at least, not with someone's naked eyes.

The three masters were furious. It was certain that they never cared about other living things' lives when they did the crime. To them, the vexation was so piercing to the gut that they really had to vent it out somewhere else, or in this case, to a group of innocent creatures just escaping the wrath of a murderous group.

Little did the masters know that the diabolic whale where Austin hid was the very first whale to escape and was now somewhere far away from them, which could be as to why they had never found Austin.

Being the first one to escape, however, made it safe from the killing intent that the three masters would have certainly done to it if it were seen around the area.

Even though it was only a diabolic beast at level nine, it sure escaped the sea with such an extreme speed!

It flapped its fins and swam as fast as it could. It all paid off eventually because it didn't take the whale quite long before it reached a thousand miles far away from the cruel masters.

But this ability to escape fast in times of trouble was, however, only a gift granted to it and had nothing to do with its innate strength. It was lucky for Austin to have hidden inside such a gifted diabolic creature!

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