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   Chapter 964 Pursued By Three Tribulation Realm Masters

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7421

Updated: 2019-09-27 12:09

Rushing straight from the ancient master's mansion, Austin showed up above the Sand Island.

Once he was sure about his safety, he paused and levitated in mid-air.

Likewise, Felix, Justin and other sea beasts dashed out of that place too.

"Where are you going, Austin?

If you don't have an plan, you can follow us to the Third Outer Ring waters,"

Justin suggested.

"No, thanks.

Don't worry about me.

There are so many places in the Prime Martial World. I think I can find one to stay," Austin explained, turning down the invitation.

'I've messed with many big people. If I went to the Third Outer Ring waters, I would get Justin in trouble, ' he thought.

Noting that he had made up his mind, Justin didn't insist.

Austin activated the teleportation power of the City.

The next minute, over two hundred cultivators appeared around him.

"Hey, guys, I've taken you out of that place. Now you're out of danger.

I did what you asked of me. We're even now.


After leaving these words hurriedly, Austin activated the Thunderbolt Movement Skill and flew away immediately.

'Where are we now?'

those cultivators thought, with a stunned expression on their faces.

Since they had just gotten out of the City, they were at a loss.

They looked around curiously.

"We're on the Sand Island. We finally got out of that damn place!"

someone exclaimed in a relieved tone.

"Thank goodness, I'm safe now,"

another one gushed.

"I gave everything valuable to Austin. All the treasures I found in the mansion and those I have collected in the past years..." another complained dejectedly.

"Me too. But that guy Austin is so cunning. Now all my valuable things are gone..."

Some cultivators started to whine as they realized that they had given all their precious items to Austin.

Faced with grave danger on the Divine Crystal Square, they had handed all their valuable stuff to Austin without any hesitation. After all, they were out of options back then, as the lad was the only one who could save them.

But once they had fled that dangerous place, they began to regret making deals with him.

Now, some even contemplated following Austin to get their b

ee Tribulation Realm experts cursed, seething with anger.

It took them several minutes to get used to moving in the sea. They tried all means to accelerate, in a bid to catch up with Austin, and their hard work paid off. After a while, the distance between Austin and them had reduced again.

Austin noticed that too with the use of his spiritual sense.

He wasn't conceited though. Objectively assessing the situation, he knew that if only one Tribulation Realm cultivator kept up with him, he could barely fight back with the assistance of thunder unicorn.

But the problem was, there were three of them in pursuit.

In all honesty, he would be doomed if he had to fight them all at once.

Just in case, he thought that he needed to come up with an escape plan.

Scanning the sea straight ahead, he spotted a swarm of diabolic whales swimming around, and all of them were level nine or level ten diabolic beasts.

Although they were not difficult to handle for a strong cultivator like him, the risk they posed was considerable. After all, they were huge in size.

Right then a spark lit up in mind.

At full speed, he dashed towards those diabolic whales.

Since they were not going anywhere, but just whirling around in circles, it only took him a few minutes to reach them.

In total, there were more than sixty whales.

Immediately the whales spotted him, and they roared with their mouths wide open, baring their ferocious fangs, ready to attack.

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