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   Chapter 963 Burning Jealousy

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After Austin left, the man in purple finally let out a sigh of relief.

Immediately, he withered like a fallen leaf in autumn. He was taken back into the embrace of death.

Death was taking its toll on him, sucking away the energy in his body little by little.

He was almost a corpse, only tiny traces of blood running in his body.

The man in purple, floating in the air over the Divine Crystal Square, stared at Austin's receding figure, resentment burning in his eyes.

"So, your name is Austin.

You will regret what you have done today!

I hope you don't die before I get the chance to avenge myself,"

the man in purple muttered after he calmed himself down.

"If not because of that damned asshole Austin, I wouldn't have to suffer like this. The Fire Stela has destroyed my arcane spell. Otherwise, I could come back to life as I have planned. But now it will take a long time for me to recover," the man sighed deeply.

Then, he slowly fell at the center of the Divine Crystal Square, landing on the black coffin.

As he lay down, the coffin swung and closed automatically.

The five bronze giants standing around the Divine Crystal Square remained still and motionless. It was as if they had fallen into a deep slumber.

The entire sky rumbled.

All of a sudden, the entire mansion began shaking. The earth began to crack, and boiling magma surged up out of the mantle. The gush of magma flowed out into air, violent lava shaping extrusive rocks covering the sky.

The roiling magma seemed to burn the sky into nothing.

"Run! Run for your life!"

All the cultivators in the mansion broke out into a panic and rushed out shouting.

Everyone could tell that it would be fatal should they remain here.

And the Tribulation Realm cultivators were no exception.

Nobody wanted to meet a burning, miserable death here.

"Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!"

Countless figures jumped to the air and flashed by. The sky was dotted with thousands of cultivators now.

"Ah! Help! Help! Help me please!"

As the magna spurted forth, several cultivators were swallowed.

Not all who had entered the mansion for treasures ha

strong cultivator from the Veritable Demon Sect, said to Austin all of a sudden.

Two hours elapsed.

Over the Sand Island, a huge palace with sparkling the lights of spiritual energy opened a-hundred-meter high bronze gate.

"Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!"

Several sounds rang out as some figures catapulted out.

Some cultivators, miserable looks on their faces, finally exited the gate.

"Finally! I got out of there!"

"Finally I made it! Otherwise I would be dead meat in that horrible mansion!"

Everyone who escaped the mansion breathed a sigh of relief.

A few seconds later, more and more cultivators rushed out of the gate.

"It's fucking unbelievable! Who could expect that the mansion would turn into a hellhole! Those waves of magma were so terrible! I almost died in there!"

"Yeah! It was a really a close call!

But I've gotten quite a few treasures this time!"

Many of the cultivators who had escaped in the nick of time began taking inventory of the treasures they had obtained in the mansion.

Truth be told, the treasures in the mansion of the ancient master were quite substantial.

Everyone who left the mansion alive were grateful that despite the near-death experience, they had left with a good harvest.


A flashing shadow shrouded in thunderbolts swooped out the gate in a split-second.

For a moment, it paused in mid-air over the Sand Island.

It was of course Austin.

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