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   Chapter 961 Escaping From The Mansion Of An Ancient Master.

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'He seemed to be terrified of the Fire Stela!' Austin thought as a smile crept on his face.

He was in slight ecstasy, gradually gaining hope for his dire situation.

'This Fire Stela was always unresponsive, no matter how hard I have tried to communicate with it.

However, it always volunteered to safeguard me on its own at the most crucial moment.'

Austin felt extremely satisfied with the Fire Stela because of this.

At that moment, the Fire Stela dazzled outrageously like ten thousand beams of golden light.

Waves of powerful repressive forces from it swept through the mansion of the ancient master.

Millions of rays of golden light were shining upon the man in purple, who had a commanding frame.

The man seemed to be in anguish. His face was contorted and his heart was filled with a mixture of shock, anger, and horror.

'Damn it! Damn it!

How could this pawn possess the Fire Stela of the Solar Immortal?

I have just come back to life through the arcane spell--the most evil spell. I know that a powerful repressive force, like the Solar Immortal's, is fatal to the use of arcane spell!

What a despicable and nasty pawn!

He deserves to die!'

The man in purple trembled violently and roared in rage.

Suddenly, blood mist began to spurt out from his body.

That blood mist was the blood-and-flesh essence he had just absorbed.

'Ah, no!

It took me so long to finally come back to life!'

In complete panic, he looked at Austin with his pair of eyes filled with resentment!

Millions of rays of golden light shone down on him, completely pinning and inundating him under the heat waves.

Blood and flesh continued to gush from his body.

When the man in purple came back to life moments ago, he had an aura of authority and radiated confidence and cheerfulness.

At that moment, however, his strong presence was beginning to abate.

"It's Fire Stela!

It is said that Austin had taken away the Fire Stela, and it was true!"

The people from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom let out cries of surprise.

"Austin has unexpectedly used the Fire Stela to suppress the ancient master!"

"Oh my god! This Fire Stela has existed for thousands of years in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom.

It is undeniably powerful!"

"I hear that for thousands of years, no one in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom has ever been able to see the precious scripture on the Fire Stela.

I never expected Austin to possess it! This is insane!

Austin is unrivaled

a? No problem.

But, I'll take away all these archaic weapons, and you're not gonna stop me,"

Austin said decisively and ruthlessly, pointing his finger at the archaic weapons.

"You bastard!

Are you crazy?"

The man in purple was seething with rage at Austin's demand.


This guy bites off more than he can chew!

He wants to take all the archaic weapons away? Huh! Is he crazy?'

All the warriors who heard Austin gaped in surprise!

"Humph! I'll take away all these archaic weapons. There's no need for discussion!"

Austin uttered conclusively.

As an old saying went: one could not get rich without taking risks. Austin didn't believe that the man in purple would fight him to the death, not after what he had done just to come back life.

And he was right––just as he had hoped.

"Take all these junk magic treasures away. Now you get out of my sight."

The man in purple waved his right hand. The four archaic weapons and three black stones all flew and fell in front of Austin.

Wild with joy, Austin released his physical power to place the four archaic weapons and three black stones into the Space Ring.

Then, Austin poised the shining Fire Stela on his head and rushed out of the valley without looking back.

At the same time, the huge glittery curtains of light, which was hanging over the whole valley, had disappeared.

The warriors then started rushing out of the valley desperately.

In a blink of an eye, all of them rushed out towards the periphery of the mansion.

While they frightfully ran for their lives, all they could think of was to leave the mansion of the ancient master as quickly as possible.

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