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   Chapter 961 Solar Immortal

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In the air above the Divine Crystal Square, the man in purple sighed and opened his eyes full of stateliness.

He slowly glanced around the valley with dignity and indifference.

At last, his gaze landed on the crowd who were fighting with the five bronze giants.

His piercing eyes were like two divine lights, containing pressing tension and horrible power of the rules of God.

It was like a majestic emperor, who controlled all creatures in the whole world, was looking down on his humble and negligible subjects.

He seemed as if he could decide people's lives and deaths in a single second.

Ah! Ah! Ah!

Some weaker cultivators, who did not have strong wills, were shocked by the pair divine eyes and lost their minds instantly.

A strong sense of obedience to the man crept in their souls.

Then, they all knelt before him in horror.

Though some of them remained on their feet, they struggled to hold on and shivered like sifting chaff.

The man in purple floating above the Divine Crystal Square made so many cultivators kneel down merely by his stare––an unusual and bizarre scene to witness.

An inexplicable sense of obedience also lurked in Austin's soul, and an intense pressure crashed on his body.

That was terrible!

Austin used his physical strength to break the pressure violently.

He then commanded the spiritual sense in his Soul Sea to push the sense of the obedience out of his mind hurriedly.


Everyone gasped in terror.

Apparently, the man in purple who had come back to life was too abominable.

At that moment, the five bronze giants stopped attacking the cultivators and knelt down towards the imposing man in purple. They did not stand up until they kowtowed to the man several times rapidly.

"Humph, a group of weak ants," the man in purple snorted.

His voice was stern and icy cold, highlighting the arrogance in him.

"However, the blood and essence of these ants are of great benefit to me right now.


Kevin, that very year, my spiritual soul were almost annihilated by you, ugly old man.

One day, once I regain my powers back, I will take my revenge for this!"

It seemed that the man in purple recalled the past as he murmured to himself.

Though he said that in a meager voice, everyone heard his words clearly.

Austin, who also heard his resentments, was utterly shocked.


It was Kevi

tin felt that an overwhelming power controlling his body and dragging him to the center of the square.


Felix, Justin, and the leader of the mermaid tribe were all alarmed seeing that. They immediately activated their bodily movement skill and ran after Austin

However, Austin's body was dragged away too fast that they could not catch up with him.

It was even faster than teleportation!

In no time, he appeared in front of the man in purple.

Austin only sensed that an unspeakably powerful pressure squeezed him so tightly that he was unable to move.

Then, he felt that every muscle, bone, blood, energy meridian, and even the smallest cell on every inch of his body all boiled.

They were about to discharge out of his body.

Austin was panic-stricken and could only feel hopeless at that moment.

"Am I really gonna die here?"

Austin murmured desperately.

He was basking in his own helplessness when suddenly...


A shadow of a large stela rose up above the top of Austin's head.

It burst out majestic golden glaring light.

The hot rays of the golden light emitted in the air, making the atmosphere scorching hot.

The whole valley was like in a hot summer with tropical waves and intense heat rolling in every corner.

The Fire Stela!

"Ah! No! Solar Immortal, it's you!" As the Fire Stela showed up, the man in purple suddenly shouted.

Although he put his hands on his hips and showed a dignified look, an alarming tone could be extracted from his voice. He was obviously sent in a state of panic by the mere presence of the stela.

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