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   Chapter 960 The Ancient Master Is Back

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6621

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Austin reminded them with frustration.

Winnie and Isis came around. Without saying anything, they took out everything they had with them and handed them to Austin.

Austin used the power of the City and transported them back in.

Austin decided not to stay any longer with the thunder unicorn. In a moment, he rushed out of the floating Divine Crystal Square and landed in the valley.

At this moment, there were still about two hundred warriors of the Astral Realm and of the Master Realm who were still struggling for their lives.

Waves after waves of warriors were dragged into the air by the light beams as the ancient master sucked out their blood and flesh.

Cries for help and screams of agony filled the entire Divine Crystal Square.

"Shit! This place is horrendous. We should get out of here!"

Those who rushed out of the Divine Crystal Square were mostly cultivators of the Tribulation Realm along with some warriors of the Astral Realm and the Master Realm.

The warriors who managed to escape all had some holy weapons or arcane spells which meant that they were very strong.

They looked back at the Divine Crystal Square.

Still, many warriors fixed their eyes on the four archaic weapons and three black stones, but no one was willing to go back to the square for any of the archaic weapons anymore.

"Just forget about them. This place is filled with malice. It's a trap. It's better for us if we just leave."

"I agree. Those archaic weapons are indeed very precious but they are not worth dying for."

"Yes indeed. Let's just get out of here as soon as we can before anything gets any worse." ……

Finally everyone had made up their minds and decided to give up the idea of taking any of the archaic weapons. They began to search for a way out of the valley.

However, the entire valley was covered by a giant light curtain, which was a very brilliant trap array. In order to get out of the valley, they would have to figure out a wa

nts head-on. We should try and flank them with our bodily movement skill.

With their enormous bodies, they shouldn't be as mobile as us."

Some experienced warriors noted immediately the possible weakness of the giants. Although they were extremely strong when faced head on, their movement was extremely slow.

So everyone used their bodily movement skill and launched attacks from the sides and backs of the giants.

Waves upon waves of vital energy force blasted towards the five bronze giants at the same time.

Many warriors who were not quick with their movement were still killed by the giants.

Then came a stalemate between the warriors and the giants.

At this moment

in the center of the valley, the purple-clad ancient master was still floating.

All of a sudden, His motionless body showed a slight movement.

His eyelashes then shook a couple of times!


A sigh came from his mouth.

This sigh carried years of sediment and experience

as if it came from a distant time and space that had just arrived in the valley.

His eyes suddenly opened as two divine light beams shot out of his eyes.

"God! Look! the ancient master is alive once again!"

someone shouted hysterically!

Everyone including Austin was in shock!

This was beyond their wildest imagination!

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