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   Chapter 958 Watch Her Naked Body

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Upon hearing Austin's words, the martial artists present couldn't help but think to themselves, 'Damn it! He is actually fishing in troubled waters! He is pretending to be friendly to us, but he's actually just taking the chance to rob us!'

However, even though they thought this way, they knew that no matter how precious the treasures were, life was still the most important thing.

So after a short while, the martial artists of the Master Realm finally agreed to Austin's demands and compromised.

Several martial artists of the Astral Realm who were weaker in cultivation base started asking Austin for help, promising that they would also give them all they had.

A few moments later, Austin had over two hundred people transported to his spatial treasure, the City.

In return, he acquired all their properties.

"Ha-ha! I finally made it! I've gotten out!"

a martial artist of the Tribulation Realm exclaimed after he had managed to escape from the Divine Crystal Square.

The man's triumph motivated the other martial artists of the Tribulation Realm. They all rushed out, following behind him.

In a matter of a few seconds, an increased number of strong warriors of the Tribulation Realm had successfully gotten out of the Divine Crystal Square.

"I should also hurry up to leave,"

Austin said to himself. He then began to activate his power and prepared to dash out.

Just then, as he was about to leave, he heard a familiar voice.

"Hold on, Isis!

I won't leave you behind!"

It turned out to be the Holy Daughter of the New Moon Sect, Winnie.

She was holding out her arms, hands grasping tightly at Isis' feet

Isis was completely wrapped by countless mysterious rays of light. Her whole body levitated above the ground as if she was being controlled by a power that forced her to fly towards the sky.

Above Winnie's head hung a red tent that glinted with scarlet light, protecting her.

Both Winnie and Isis had initially hidden themselves under the tent to keep out the mysterious rays of light.

However, Isis was just at the preliminary stage of Master Realm.

This meant that even with the tent's protection, she was still unable to keep herself secure, resulting in her getting dragged off the ground.


Winnie anxiously called out as she became aware of the fact that she could not fight against the mystery rays of light.

She gritted her teeth indignantly. Having no other way to save Isis, Winnie could only summon the red tent to leave her and protect Isis instead.

The red tent flew towards Isis and almost ins

their thirst.

"Isis, what are you doing? You are humiliating the New Moon Sect!"

the two female elders who were standing outside furiously scolded her.

"Isis, don't do that! Go on, just leave without me! Just go!"

Winnie yelled as she was continually pulled further up towards the sky by the mysterious rays of light.

"Austin, please!"

Isis continued to plead to Austin, ignoring other people's eyes and comments.

"Well, all right.

I will save her,"

Austin finally replied. He was a person who easily yielded to a soft approach and rejected force.

There were times where he might as well be just like a cruel slaughterer who would not bat an eyelid when killing a person, but he could not stay heartless when confronted by such a beautiful woman

pleading pitifully.

He surrendered and complied with Isis' request.

Austin released four million pounds of his physical strength. He took a few steps and came at Isis' side.

He then stomped on the ground, soared up into the air and grabbed Winnie by her feet.

He felt her smooth and delicate skin the moment he came into contact.

The thunder unicorn then released several beams of thunder radiance from its mouth at once, instantly cutting off most of the mystery rays of light around Winnie.

Taking the chance, Austin put forth his strength and pulled Winnie down to the earth.


Isis rushed towards her as soon as she fell down to the ground. She hugged her and began to cry.

"Hmmm... Well..."

Austin interrupted as he saw the two women weeping and sobbing, finding them less of a trouble and more of an annoyance.

"Winnie, Isis, you'd better hurry and give me your treasures and I'll take you out of here."

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