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   Chapter 957 Make A Great Fortune

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Because everyone was bounded with countless rays of light, their speed was dramatically slowed down as they walked.

"Damn you! The truth is those archaic weapons were used as bait to seduce us into this dangerous square,"

cursed someone in the square in a loud voice.

"Oh my God!

No! Someone help me!"

Everybody wanted to rush out of the square.

All of a sudden, piercing wails echoed through the air.

More than ten cultivators at the Astral Realm and the Master Realm were shackled by countless mystery rays of light. Afterwards, their bodies were hung up in the air and pulled towards the man in the purple robe.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

The blood essence, from the bodies of the people who were bound, were taken away by the man in the purple robe. He then absorbed every drop of blood essence into his own body.

"Oh no... Please! Please let me go! I know I have done wrong. I will give up the archaic weapons. The only thing that I want to do is to leave this place! Please have mercy on me..."

There was chaos all over the entire square. Cries of despair and fear was all that anyone could hear. They all begged for the man's mercy.

But, it was all in vain.

Gradually, their bodies shrank as their skin shriveled. Wrinkles began to appear on their faces. It seemed that they were turning into mummies. Their longevity, vital energy force, and blood essence were all dwindling fast.

Until finally, they all turned into nothing but human skins that gently landed on the ground.

It happened within only a few seconds.

The man in purple had absorbed all the blood essence of more than ten people! He was surely too mad and too brutal!

Everyone in the square tried their best to free themselves from the restraints of the mystery rays of light, because they all wanted to rush out of the square.

The mysterious rays of light with immense energy were very difficult to deal with.

Only the strong people at the Tribulation Realm were able to slowly leave the square, and their walking speed depended on their vital energy force.

The cultivators with the cultivation base of the Astral Realm had difficulties in raising their hands and legs, as if mountains were placed on their backs as they were walking. They tottered on their paths like infants who were walking for the first time.

As for the warriors at the Master Realm, they couldn't even take one step forward, even if they exerted all their strengths. It was like they were being controlled by some kind of magic.

Upon watching this scene, it became very clear who had better cultivation bases.

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz!

Groups of cultivators were constantly lifted in the air. Their blood essence was then completely squeezed out by the man in purple.

Some cultivators at the cultivation base of the Astral Realm who were walking slowly

s. I shall give them to you.

Please be quick! Help me!

I don't want to die like this!

Hurry up! All my treasures are yours the moment you save me!"

That cultivator at the premium stage of Master Realm was desperate for Austin's help. He was extremely terrified of dying.


Actually, Austin had been longing for the treasures for quite a long time.

"I promise you. If I didn't fulfill my promise, my soul would be destroyed. In the end, I wouldn't be able to reincarnate into a new body through the transmigration channel,"

the cultivator at the premium stage of Master Realm loudly spoke to Austin as he began to attract people's attention in the square.

"Alright. I will help you."

Austin approached him and simply used his physical strength to destroy the mysterious rays of light.

The man who was at the premium stage of Master Realm was suddenly at ease.

"Here, take all of them! Just please help me out!"

Instantly, the cultivator at the premium stage of Master Realm gave all the treasures to Austin including some Space Rings.

"You must stay there. Don't resist me if you want to be safe."

Austin controlled the City with his will once more, and this time the cultivator was teleported into the City.

"Young hero, please help me as well!"

"Help! Help me! Buddy, please!"

Now, the cultivators at the Master Realm, as well as the cultivators at the Astral Realm were all desperate for Austin's help, because they realized that Austin was the only one who had the power to save them.


Austin didn't expect everyone to call him a hero.

"Fine! I am exactly the person who would willingly help others in need.

"If someone offers me all the treasures that they have, I shall rescue them immediately!"

Austin couldn't help but lick his lips as his eyes glimmered. Oh my God! This time, he would surely make a great fortune.

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