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   Chapter 956 The Body Of The Ancient Master

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7148

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Seeing the crisis at hand, at the moment, everyone at the Divine Crystal Square stopped pillaging the area for the archaic weapon.

They shot looks of confusion at each other and were in a state of panic in the darkness of the fog.

Gradually, more and more people began to realize that the giant light curtain covering the entire valley was actually a very strong trap array.

It meant everyone present in the valley was trapped in that array!

The five bronze giants with huge sticks in their hands started to encircle the Divine Crystal Square from a distance.

Strong murderous intent quietly diffused in the air from those five giant figures.

They were filled with malice.

…… …… …… …… …… ……

The four archaic weapons and the three black stones flew back to the center of the square. They started slowly twirling around the giant black coffin.

No one had successfully claimed any archaic weapon during the whole time they had been there.

Some cultivators did manage to get their hands on one of the archaic weapons.

But they were killed instantly by other forces.

Till the time the giant figures made an appearance, no one had been able to acquire any archaic weapon.

Each archaic weapon was of great value and no one would willingly give them up.

After the fierce plundering and killing, there were hundreds of bloody bodies lying across the Divine Crystal Square.

Among them, there were many bodies of the cultivators of the Tribulation Realm.

…… …… …… …… ……


Just as everyone was panicking, a creaking sound caught their attention.

They all looked at the source of that creaky sound. It came from that black coffin.

"Look! The lid of the coffin is moving!"

shouted someone, shocked and surprised.

The lid was moving up and down softly. There was a clicking sound it made with the coffin as if some mysterious power was trying to open it.

As the lid of the coffin went up and down, white smoke kept coming out of the coffin. It started making everything hazy and mysterious.

"Can someone who was in this coffin, still be alive?"

someone muttered in anxiousness.

g poured into the purple-clad man who was floating in the air.


That is the ancient master. And he is still alive!

He is sucking out the blood essence from these bodies!"

Everyone was scared to the core seeing the scene happening before their eyes.

Hundreds of bodies in the air kept shrinking, flesh, blood, bones, all were being sucked and transferred into the ancient master's body quickly.

In the end, the bodies of a hundred cultivators were used up and only the skin was left. It was only the skin as all the blood, flesh and bone had been gone. These shreds of skins flew with the wind and fell to the ground.

Everyone thought there was something wrong with their eyes. They couldn't believe what was happening.

Things seemed more alarming when they saw one of the fingers of that purple-clad man twitch.

…… …… …… …… ……

"Ah! Run!

I understand now!

This ancient master wants to resurrect himself with our blood and flesh!

This was an ancient arcane spell. I can't believe that I am seeing it happen with my own eyes."

"You are right! He is trying to revive himself and attain longevity. The Divine Crystal Square is an altar for sacrifice. It can bring back the dead by taking the blood essence of cultivators!"

"Shit! Let's get out of here!"

Everyone panicked and started to rush out of the square. They were afraid of what would happen next in that dreadful place.

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