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   Chapter 955 Astonishing Change

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"Austin! Oh!

Indeed, it's you!"

Austin heard those words when he was sighing heavily and tried to contain his breath.

Suddenly a figure appeared close to him and roared.

It was an elder from the Sky Sect, who was at the Tribulation Realm.

This elder in green robes had fought against Justin when they were on the Sand Island, so Austin remembered him clearly.

"Huh! How dare you? You want to get the archaic weapon! Go to hell!"

The elder in green robes, who was from the Sky Sect, was full of murderous intent. He raised his hands and there was an upsurge in the vital energy force all around.

Three shadows of mountains showed up in his hands one by one. Each of them was nearly one hundred meters high. He threw them towards Austin hastily.

Every mountain approaching Austin was towering and magnificent with the spirit of the world. They were aimed so as to crash down as they reached on top of Austin's head.

The elder was in no mood to prolong the fight. His first act was an ultimate killing move. He wanted to kill Austin at once.

Austin felt like he was enveloped by the momentum of the three mountains. The energy had captured him so tightly that he sensed great danger.

"Damn it! The Tribulation Realm masters are much more powerful than those who are at the Astral Realm.

I am afraid I will not be able to withstand his attacks."

Austin had to act quickly to save himself. So, he did not hesitate and summoned the thunder unicorn in his elixir field immediately.


The thunder unicorn howled and ran out with dazzling light radiating from its body.

Its huge body made the space around it vibrate violently.


The thunder unicorn spat out three flashes of lightning towards the shadows of the three mountains. It was a powerful retaliation, as each stroke of lightning was as thick as a tree trunk.


The flashes of lightning clashed with the shadows of the three mountains. A loud explosion was heard.

"What the hell is that? How did he do that?"

The elder, in green robes, of the Sky Sect exclaimed in alarm.

Austin exulted when he saw that the thunder unicorn was able to withstand the shadows of the three mountains without any effort.

With that he concluded that the elder's power might be at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm.

If the thunder unicorn was able to tackle the attack, it meant that his thunder unicorn's power was also at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm.


Austin! Just wait and watch, you devil! You have killed so many people of the Sky Sect. One day you will pay back with your life for all this!"

The elder o

in of light. And it was filled with gray fog.

It was so large that it could easily cover the whole valley.

Everything in the valley looked gray.

"What happened?"

Everyone looked blankly at the giant curtain of light which had covered the whole valley. They were all dumbstruck at that moment.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Everyone was staring at the scene that had unfolded before their eyes and were not in their senses. But the loud bangs changed it.

When the five deafening bangs rang out everyone came back to their senses.

Everyone's face was filled with the expression of shock and apprehension, The explosions had suddenly occurred on the top part of the five bare peaks, in one breath. Pieces of rock and mud started to scatter in the sky.

Then five bluish-gray giant figures flew out of those parts of the five peaks where the explosions had occurred.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The five bronze giants landed with loud sounds on the ground. Each one was about three to four hundred meters high and covered in armor. They looked mighty and emitted bronze light.

Each of them held a one hundred meters long, black, huge stick.

The five bronze giants stood in a circle and surrounded the whole area of the Divine Crystal Square. . . .

"What the hell is this! Five giants! What is going on?"

"Something is wrong!"

"Damn it! The huge curtain was probably a strong trap array. It looks like we are all trapped here."

Finally, more and more people came back to reason, overcoming the shock.

Everyone could feel that something bad was about to happen. This sudden astonishing change in the valley was sure to bring terrible effects. It sent shivers down their spines as they started to think what could happen next!

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