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   Chapter 954 They Are All Crazy

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"Holy shit! What is happening!" Austin yelled out.

When he saw those Tribulation Realm cultivators initiated their strong vital energy force and rushed past him, he was taken aback and anxiety burnt in his chest.

Despite of the horrible scene in front of him, Austin gritted his teeth and exerted all of his vital energy in his Thunderbolt Movement Skill, flashing towards the valley.

Austin was always confident about his bodily movement skills and knew exactly what he wanted to do.

But when he witnessed those Tribulation Realm cultivators surpass him one by one, he finally understood that his skills were nothing to compared to theirs.

After all, Austin, in regard to cultivation base, was not a patch on those Tribulation Realm cultivators.

"Ha-ha! All the archaic weapons are mine and mine alone!"

Some of the Tribulation Realm cultivators had arrived at the center of the Divine Crystal Square and reached out to get the archaic weapons. All at once.

An overweight and red-faced monk activated his vital energy and formed it into five colossal palms, targeting the four archaic weapons and the three black stones.

Although nobody on the spot could recognize what the three black stones were, it was clear that those black stones were some priceless treasures as they were put beside the four archaic weapons. Those cultivators guessed that the black stones had the same worth as the archaic weapons.

How could anyone neglect those black stones? They seemed priceless.

When the five colossal palms were about to touch the archaic weapons and black stones, five crimson rays of light appeared all of a sudden. The next second, the four archaic weapons and the three black stones moved away, succeeding in escaping the five palms.


Everyone on the spot was dumbstruck with amazement and literally stammered. None of them had expected that those archaic weapons would move on their own and avoid getting captured.

But soon greed crept in their eyes and replaced the amusement. They sped up, rushing into the center of the Divine Crystal Square. They wanted those weapons.

"Fuck off!"


A powerful sword aura, as big as a door plank, cut the five palms into piece in the wink of an eye. Then the giant palms just faded away and disappeared into thin air before anybody could do anything about it.

A middle-aged man, in a yellow robe, stepped on a sword and flew towards the four running archaic weapons. From the formidable sword aura around him, it could be easily told that that man was a powerful cultivator.


A ribbon flew from the hand of a nun, stretching out more than thirty meters. The ribbon that was moving breezily

d, he would be dead meat when the finger-shaped shadow pressed on his head.

Austin shot a hostile glare at the figure of the elder in green.

But it was not the right time for him to avenge the merciless attack. His primary target was still to achieve the four archaic weapons.

After a short rest, Austin stood up and flashed towards the Rigid Fire Fan, which just passed by him.

"Ha-ha! Yes! Finally! Finally!

I finally get one archaic weapon and call it my own!"

laughed vulgarly a middle-aged man of short stature who just caught the ancient sword, immersing himself in an ecstasy.

However, a forceful stream of sword aura suddenly struck his back.

"Give it to me! You old prick!"

A huge herbal pot, carrying the scent of herbs, was coming down on his head.

"That's mine! You idiot!"

A golden blade swept over from the short man's left side.

"Give me the archaic weapon now!"

Meanwhile, a strong fist was targeted at the old man as well.


The short man was a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm. And now he was surrounded by seven Tribulation Realm cultivators.

When he was laughing with jubilation, those cultivators launched attacks on him together.

In a moment, he had been torn apart into pieces and there lay his corpse.

Almost everyone on the spot, especially those Tribulation Realm cultivators, had lost control and fought for the four priceless archaic weapons.

Once a cultivator got one archaic weapon, he or she would be the target of the others. Greed had eaten up their rational thought process and dominated their behaviors. Killing intent filled everyone's eyes. Nobody thought about the terrible consequences it could bring.

"They are all crazy and out of their minds!"

Austin sighed hopelessly.

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