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   Chapter 954 Started To Fight For Precious Weapons

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Shoop! Shoop! Shoop!

In a blink of an eye, dozens of figures arrived and landed on one of the peaks.

Austin saw cultivators from the Sky Sect, the Ghost Puppet Sect, the Magic Hand Sect and the New Moon Sect. All of them were the most powerful cultivators from each sect.

There were about two or three cultivators in the Tribulation Realm of each sect and the stewards, the Holy Sons or Daughters, and other disciples at the same level.

Austin even caught a glimpse of people from the Veritable Demon Sect.

The people of the Veritable Demon Sect was led by a middle-aged man with a very tall body and big eyes as bright as lightning.

Austin recognized him at once. This middle-aged man was Dahlia's father!

Austin had seen him before in the Dragon City!

In that moment, the middle-aged man chased after him.

... ...

All the top five sects of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom had sent their best cultivators here!

In the battle on the square in front of the Thunder Palace, all of the cultivators that were killed by Austin were from the four sects: the Sky Sect, the Ghost Puppet Sect, the New Moon Sect, and the Magic Hand Sect.

So, as expected, as soon as the cultivators from those sects arrived and saw Austin, they all glared at him with intense hatred.

But before they could do anything, their attention was diverted by the Divine Crystal Square in the valley.

All of them stared at the archaic weapons with greed. Every single one of them could not wait to get their hands on their weapons.

Upon seeing such precious archaic weapons, the cultivators from the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom forgot about taking the time to seek revenge on Austin.

"It looks like you really are in big trouble, Austin. Ha-ha!"

Justin told Austin with a laugh. Of course, Justin sensed the hatred that the cultivators from the four sects had towards Austin.

"Yes, you are right,"

Austin replied with a bitter smile.

Contemplating a little bit more, and he realized that he really had brought a lot of trouble to himself.

But after a while, Austin felt a surge of relief. It really was not that big of a deal. After all, he was certain that he could handle it if they ever decided to take revenge.

Austin believed, in his heart, that someday, when he became really powerful, the sects in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom would no longer have the courage to challenge him.

"Don't worry, buddy. If you ever find yourself facing some trouble that you can't handle, you can always approach me.

It's a piece of cake, really. The simplest way for you to avoid all that is by not coming back to the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom. You can choose to stay in my Third Outer Ring, and I will even let you be the commander. If you do that, you will truly be free and happy, and no one will ever be able to cause you any trouble,"

Justin said

after they were hurt badly by the powerful vital energy force given off by the cultivators in the Tribulation Realm.

There were even some cultivators who were unaware that they were blocking the way of the cultivators in the Tribulation Realm. Before they could even notice the oncoming cultivators, they were already crushed into pieces in mere seconds.

All in all, the competition for the archaic weapons was actually only for the cultivators in the Tribulation Realm.

The cultivators in the Astral Realm and the Master Realm actually had no place there.

If they tried to meddle, they would probably be killed in vain. . . . . .

"Ah! It's just too terrifying!

It does not matter how many archaic weapons are there. I will not dare to take part in that competition. I will return right now and go to the outer part of the mountains where I can search for something!"

Some cultivator in the Master Realm unintentionally stood in the way of a cultivator in the Tribulation Realm, and the latter immediately broke the former's hand and foot using only one of his fingers.

The cultivator in the Master Realm was instantly overcome with fear. He turned around at once and tried to flee as fast as he could.


He ran so fast that he could not even take the time to think about where he was going. After a while, he found himself face to face with other cultivators in the Tribulation Realm. Before he could turn to escape again, one of the cultivators in the Tribulation Realm slapped him, making his body explode right away.

Many of the cultivators in the Master Realm, and even some of the cultivators in the Astral Realm were overcome by fear and intending to step back by then.

However, there were still some cultivators in the Master Realm and the Astral Realm who were not willing to give up. They followed the group that moved forward and ran into the valley with gritted teeth.

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