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   Chapter 953 The Restriction Array In The Valley

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Austin didn't recognize the things around the coffins on the Divine Crystal Square until Justin explained them to him. They were the archaic weapons, the magic treasures at a higher level than the holy weapons.

Only two or three of the most powerful sects in the Prime Martial World could be in possession of an archaic weapon!

Their value was self-evident as proven in their reputation.

Staring at the archaic weapons, Austin caught himself almost drooling.

Goodness gracious! He would really made a killing if he obtained one of them.

All over the South Continent there were only two or three archaic weapons that existed!


However, when Austin glanced over each of the bare mountains around the valley, he couldn't help but crack a wry smile.

He noticed that their peaks were full of warriors.

With glowing eyes, everyone greedily gazed at the archaic weapons on the Divine Crystal Square.

It seemed that none of them could control the slight tremble of their bodies. All were short of breath.

Even the overmatches in the Tribulation Realm were a little emotional, let alone the warriors in the Astral Realm!

To his surprise, Austin saw at least thirty overmatches who had already reached the Tribulation Realm.

Many of them stared dazedly, the muscles at the corners of their mouths twitching, their eyes eager and fervent.

Apparently, the archaic weapons were the high-leveled magic treasures, whose allure even the overmatches in the Tribulation Realm couldn't resist.


It was the sound of fast flight. Soon after Austin landed on the ground, many figures rushed there at an extremely fast speed, just like the rainbow shooting across the sky.

Each of them gave off the strong fluctuation of their vital energy force.

More and more overmatches had gotten wind of the news and came here, hailing from all directions.



How fierce the competition will be!"

Austin sighed.

Seeing so many overmatches in the Tribulation Realm, Austin knew well that he wouldn't be able to obtain an archaic weapon so easily.

Since he had come all this way, he decided to stay here and see whether he could take advantage of the chaos.

"Ha-ha. That's right. As you can see, the temptation of the archaic weapons is beyond your imagination.

Later, many fierce battles will break out here."

Justin forced a helpless smile.


However, why didn't they set about grabbing the treasures on the Divine Crystal Square? What were they wait

ars, you made little difference to the tribe. You do not deserve what my father gave to you, as the record shows.

How could such an incompetent fool like you blame me so righteously?

Winfred, you can wait and see. It's just a matter of time before I become the head of the mermaid tribe,"

the middle-aged man spat back. Although his facial features were soft, his body emitted an unfathomable force.

His blue eyes gave off a bizarre energy, imprinting themselves in the minds of anyone who met his gaze.

It seemed that this middle-aged man was the great-uncle mentioned by the princess of the mermaid tribe.

It was him that caused the internal dissension of their tribe!


"If I'm not mistaken, you must be Austin."

Unexpectedly, the Cyan Flood Dragon King shifted his sharp gaze. Instantly, an invisible powerful force crossed a mountain, pushing Austin down.

Austin shook his muscles to resist the power till it dissapated.

"That's right. I'm Austin, who killed your ninth son!"

Austin admitted it outright. There was no use lying, as becoming this man's enemy was inevitable.

"Well, rest assured. I promise I will kill you before my son's memorial tablet very soon.

Enjoy the remainder of your numbered days,"

the Cyan Flood Dragon King swore in a voice as cold as an iceberg.

"Austin, there you are!

You will die now, beast!"

All at once, a rumble of thunder came from the sky. The sound waves pushed back their clothes and hair

It spread through all the warriors on the mountains.

Oh? It was them!

Austin saw with his spiritual sense that there were dozens of powerful figures rushing towards the valley.

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