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   Chapter 952 Archaic Weapons

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The message relayed that priceless treasures could be found in the depths of the mountains. Justin and Felix, as well as the leader of the mermaid tribe, had arrived there.

Without hesitation, Austin used his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and sped up towards the depths of the mountains.

He ran into many warriors, who were snatching treasures on the way, and saw fights emerge from time to time.

Austin ignored them and skimmed through the sky.

About an hour later, the mountains and their peaks vanished.

In front of Austin was a vast sheet of smoke-colored land.

There were no plants on it, not even a grass. What he could see were only bare rocks.

The place was entirely in ruins.

'Was it the center of the mountains?' Austin curiously thought to himself.

He was a little surprised for he didn't expect that the heart of the mountains would turn out to be a russet wasteland.

The land area extended far and was enveloped in ribbon-shaped black fog, making the whole place dim and misty. Austin couldn't see the view clearly from a distance.

Rubbles were scattered everywhere on the ground, and buildings were all in ruins. Just with those remains, he inferred that the place was a relic.

... ... ...

After some time, Austin let out his spiritual sense to detect the situation around the area. He then discovered the presence of a lot of people far from where he stood.

At the end of the horizon, the sunset blended with the light of the treasure, making that place so bright and majestic.

The treasure seemed to be very extraordinary.

With its exalting light, it would be at least at or above the level of holy weapons.

At the thought of that, Austin grew very excited, wielding his bodily movement skill quickly to dash towards the treasure.

He couldn't wait to get a hold of whatever the promising treasure was.

About half an hour later, five bald russet mountains, which were covered with rugged rocks, came into his sight.

Between those five mountains was a valley.

It was filled with spiritual energy, and the sunset rays present in the area were so bright that they reddened the sky.

The light Austin had seen before must have come from the valley.

It was also disheartening that the landform was barren and bald with no plants.

The moment Austin st

al Square?"

Justin asked with a smile.

"Honestly, I have no idea.

But I assume they are at least one lever higher than holy weapons," Austin answered.

He thought for a moment, trying to find out what those items were precisely.

However, to his dismay, he could not really point out. Austin had limited knowledge about magic treasures up to that point.

Austin only knew that the next level after spiritual weapons were sacred weapons, and above them were divine weapons which were below holy weapons.

As to what was the level after holy weapons was beyond Austin's knowledge.

"Among the five items surrounding the coffin, expect the three black stones, the rest are archaic weapons," Justin explained.

A smile was plastered on his face as he talked to Austin.

Archaic weapons?

Austin became more confused with those words.

"So above holy weapons are archaic weapons?"

Austin had only heard of that term for the first time and was very curious.

"Yes, you're right.

Above holy weapons are archaic weapons.

Archaic weapons, in the Prime Martial World, are the most advanced magic treasures.

As far as I know, in the South Continent of the Prime Martial World, almost every big sect owns magic treasures at the level of holy weapons.

But only a few extremely powerful sects boast about having one piece of magic treasure at the level of archaic weapons.

I'm surprised that as many as four pieces appear in this place!"

The excitement was evident in Justin's eyes as he exclaimed those words.

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