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   Chapter 950 Robbery (Part Two)

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He then grinned at Austin with an attitude of enthusiasm.

"Ha-ha, it's really a misunderstanding. Austin, you are really an outstanding person among others. We have always admired you," the three other Four Devil Clowns said.

They also began to grin cheekily, with an intention to flatter Austin and get into his good graces.

The four of them were all aware of the terrifying power of that thunder unicorn, so they immediately changed their tone.

"Oh? A misunderstanding?

You launched an attack against me on the square of the Thunder Palace before, and you took the initiative to attack me just now. So, how is all of that amisunderstanding?

Until you give me a reasonable explanation, the four of you won't be able to get out of here so easily," Austin said.

His face remained expressionless, his eyes glinting steely cold. He refused to settle the dispute just like that.

Suddenly, there was a big roar!

The thunder unicorn opened its mouth widely and breathed out. In the midst of lightning flashes and thunder rumbles, a huge thunderbolt ball composed of thunder and lightning rushed out of its large, fierce maw.

The thunderbolt ball was dazzling, sending out a furious blast of destruction. As soon as it appeared, hundreds of thousands of lightning flashes of different sizes began to explode in the hall.

Upon seeing this scene, the blood of the Four Devil Clowns suddenly froze in total fear.

"Austin, then how do you think this matter should be solved?" the man dressed in black asked.

His arrogance had disappeared totally and tried carefully to sound out Austin's true meaning.

"You have to pay the price!

And it isn't going to be cheap!" Austin said in a cold voice.

He assumed a stance of power, with b

ed at the confrontation that had just taken place.

The Four Devil Clowns were very notorious in the South Continent of Prime Martial World. They are always running around and robbing others.

Unexpectedly, today they were robbed by Austin instead.

If this news were to spread, it would certainly surprise many people.

... ...

"Ha-ha, you exaggerate too much. They are just four shameless guys who bully the weak but fear the strong,"

Austin said with a dry smile.

He bade them good-bye and went on to the deepest part of the mountain.

Jimmy and Kimberley also knew that they were not powerful enough. If they followed Austin, they would definitely be a burden on him, so they parted ways, more than happy with what they had found.

They decided to continue their treasure hunt in the vicinity of the area.

... ... ...

Austin flew away after parting with Jimmy and Kimberley.

All of a sudden, he noticed something. The piece of Contact Jade Slip on him quivered slightly, as if it had received a message of spiritual sense.

So he took out the Contact Jade Slip and had a look at it.

It turned out that there was a message from Justin!

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