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   Chapter 948 The Four Devil Clowns (Part Two)

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Then, they used their bodily movement skills with all their strength, and left as fast as they could, because they were afraid that the Four Devil Clowns would keep their promise of destroying them one by one.

Meanwhile, many other practitioners also had the same sentiments and were already getting ready to leave, too.

Some of them still had second thoughts, though. They wondered if they still had any chance of entering the Spiritual Weapon Hall. .

It didn't take too long before Austin knew about what had happened. After all, his spiritual sense was powerful enough that it could practically tell him anything he desired to know.

He couldn't help but smile to himself upon learning about what had happened.

He then thought that the Four Devil Clowns were surely named as such for a good reason.

It was because they were to be feared, just like the devil, which suited their personalities pretty well.

Austin and the Four Devil Clowns had already encountered each other once. It was during a fight on the square of the Thunder Palace.

He could still remember how the Four Devil Clowns retreated from the fight when hundreds of practitioners surged to attack Austin.

This incident left a deep impression to his mind, one that he could not easily forget.

He didn't have anything against the Four Devil Clowns, unlike what he felt for the other practitioners that he had encountered along the way.

To Austin, he saw the Four Devil Clowns not as evil doers, but only as people who were drenched in cleverness and greed.

To him, the wretched clowns may be on the opportunistic side of things, but they were not that cruel and brutal as people had branded them. .

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Kimberly also decided to leave the hillside in search for treasures in another place.

And with a flash, Austin already stood before the brother and sister.

"Hey, Austin! Is that really you? Wow, it's really great to see you!"

Jimmy said ecstatically as he

the medium stage of Master Realm.

However, it was believed that with the power that he had, he could easily kill a master of the Astral Realm.

Meanwhile, Jimmy and Kimberly had already landed behind Austin.

"Come on, let's check it out. I wonder what kind of treasures are there."

Austin walked right towards the gate of the Spiritual Weapon Hall with Jimmy and Kimberley following behind him.

"Hey, Austin, stop! This Spiritual Weapon Hall that you see now already belongs to us.

You are trespassing. No one except us is allowed to get in!"

The fat and short man of the Four Devil Clowns ceased Austin immediately when he saw him walking towards the hall.

"Oh, really?

You've got to be kidding me. Are you serious? The treasures in the hall belongs to no one. Anyone who gets it first becomes its owner.

I could not wrap my head around how this hall belongs to you guys now! How could that even be possible?"

Austin was defiant. He turned the corners of his mouth upside down and kept walking towards the hall without having second thoughts.

"Austin, stop right there!"

The Four Devil Clowns hurriedly shouted at him together.

"Oh, my dear friends, do you dare fight against me?"

Austin sneered with a smug look on his face as his eyes became sharp like a flash of lightning.

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