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   Chapter 946 The Familiar Silhouettes

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Seeing as that Violet and the gnome were quite interested in the thunder unicorn, Austin told them briefly about how he got it and what its strength was.

"Master, you mean, this big unicorn's strength may be close to the stage of Tribulation Realm?"

Violet asked in disbelief after hearing Austin's story. She was quite startled and could not help but cover her mouth with her hands.

The gnome was also scanning the thunder unicorn up and down carefully with mixed feelings of surprise and curiosity.

"Yes, that's highly possible. Yet, its real combat power can only be determined once we test him out in a future battle,"

Austin replied with a smile.

"Master, with this big unicorn at hand, you will be invincible when you are besieged by those so-called Astral Realm masters again," Violet said proudly.

During the last few days, Austin sustained several injuries from being hunted down by these warriors. Violet became very furious every time she thought of those nasty warriors who kept hunting her master.

"Well, I'm going to take some Magic Sea Water. I hope that with a little cultivation, it can help me make further breakthrough and strengthen my power as soon as possible.

The days I followed you, I have witnessed you make continuous breakthroughs and become stronger, which is just a huge blow to me.

We gnomes are supposed to be a very rare species which has existed since ancient times. At least, in terms of making progress in martial arts, I can't lose to you!"

the gnome grumbled.

"Oh, I have the exact same feeling as well. I have to hurry up and try my best to keep up with my master's pace.

I hate to admit that sometimes when I am with my master, I feel quite stressed!"

Violet complained.

Austin just laughed and did not comment further. Next, he took out all the Space Rings he had gathered recently and sorted all his trophies out.

Once he had completed this task, he handled a large number of cultivation resources to Violet and the gnome for their further use.

After receiving the resources happily, they transformed themselves into two streams of light and got inside the Illusion Bead.

In the next few days, they would be fully focused on their secluded cultivation inside the Illusion Bead. .... Now, Austin was finally left alone with the enormous thunder unicorn.

He was now at a loss for what to do as he gazed at it.

Previously, the beast soul of the thunder unicorn was illusory. Thus, he could put it directly inside his elixir field.

But now, the thunder unicorn was a giant living animal with blood and flesh. How could he possibly deal with it? Did he have to carry it around or simply keep it inside the special City?

He released his spiritual sense to have a preliminary examination of the thunder unicorn.

Soon, he detected something special about it. A bright idea came to him.

He guessed that although the thunder unicorn was alive with an actual physical body, it could still be put inside his elixir field.

Then, to test his theory, he released the power of his spiritual sense to place the unicorn inside his elixir field.

As if it was summoned by his spiritual sense, the thunder unicorn surrounding by countless flashes of lightning was now walking toward Austin.

When it finally reached him, a "swoosh" sound rang out and the

he scan was finished, he found out that almost every peak was crowded with warriors.

Moreover, many peaks even burst out violent fighting. Even though he was hundreds of miles away from them, he could still detect the drastic fluctuation of the fighters' vital energy forces due to their collisions.

It was obvious that they were all fighting over treasures.

Austin was not surprised. Fierce competition was wholly inevitable. ....

Instead of staying for a while, however, Austin used his bodily movement skill to fly towards the center of the mountain range, leaving a looming shadow in the air.

His gut told him that the treasures hidden at the center of the mountain range would be the most precious ones!

He also believed that the real masters, like Justin, a Tribulation Realm master, must have gathered at the center of the mountain range in search of the most precious treasures.

... ... Austin soon got close to his destination.

"Brother, hurry up! In the mountain in front of you, it is said that a Spiritual Weapon Hall has been found. I heard that there may be a lot of divine weapons in it!"

All of a sudden, a crisp and beautiful voice wafted into Austin's ears.

"Kimberley, your bodily movement speed is outstanding. You should go there first. I'll be there in a minute!"

a man's voice replied.

'Oh, I recognize those voices. They are from the two siblings I met before, '

Austin thought to himself.

Slowing down his flying speed, he saw many warriors were rushing quickly towards a mountain.

On its side was an ancient hall.

Austin saw the two familiar silhouettes.

They were, of course, the two siblings—Jimmy and Kimberley.

... ... Concealing his presence, Austin flew towards the hall.

"All of you stop moving forward now!

This Spiritual Weapon Hall was discovered by we Four Devil Clowns. We stake claim over this, and no one else is allowed to enter!"

a loud and clear voice rang out abruptly.

The next moment, four fierce silhouettes emerged, quickly falling in front of the hall on the mountainside. They stood in front of the entrance protectively.

"Damn it! Why have these four shameless bastards shown up again!?" someone yelled indignantly.

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