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   Chapter 946 A Newborn Thunder Unicorn

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The countless drops of blood in the cloud were being refined and absorbed by the beast soul of the thunder unicorn.

As time passed, more and more drops of blood were absorbed by it.

As it happened, the beast soul of the thunder unicorn grew stronger and stronger.

The beast soul was only a formless shadow at the beginning.

However, as more and more drops of blood had been absorbed, Austin, to his great surprise, found that the formless shadow had slowly materialized.

What was even more amazing was that flesh, bone, skin, and even hair began to appear on the beast soul.

A thunder unicorn with flesh and blood now stood before Austin.

He hadn't thought that it was possible before all this happened in front of him.

Austin watched everything happen right in front of him, and he was both confused and shocked.

However, it gradually occurred to him that it wasn't a bad thing.

Finally, two hours had passed.

Inside the dense blood cloud, all drops of blood had been refined and absorbed by the beast soul of the thunder unicorn.

Its giant body floated right in front of Austin. He could even touch and feel its flesh.

Above its enormous head, lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. It illuminated the whole street.

From the depth of its eye sockets, Austin saw destructive and ferocious thunderstorms.

The single horn which stood on the top of its enormous head, was more than two meters in length and was as wide as a full grown man's arm.

Loud thunder rumbled around this unicorn. It was really a remarkable sight to see.

Austin swallowed hard at the sight of the enormous thunder unicorn standing in front of him.

... ...

Austin thought it was ridiculous to witness everything that had just happened.

The newly born unicorn didn't have its own consciousness. It belonged to Austin and was part of his own body.

It acted like an extra limb to him.

Besides, clear messages began to flow into Austin's soul.

He suddenly understood lots of new things.

He began to fathom what used to be mysteries.


ited quietly and patiently for the thunder unicorn to complete the refining process.

... ... ...

About half an hour later, the thunder unicorn was able to refine the Thunder Bead fully and completely.

The Thunder Bead now had been turned to the thunder unicorn's own elixir.

Austin made another attempt to sense the beast's conditions.

After refining the Thunder Bead, the beast seemed to have made another breakthrough in its strength.

Both its strength and power increased tenfold.

Austin estimated that by now, the thunder unicorn could withstand attacks from those Tribulation Realm warriors.

Austin gasped, he was very impressed with the outcome.

It meant that the thunder unicorn, which was under his control, could possibly be much stronger than himself.

"Ha-ha, today truly is my lucky day," he shouted in excitement.

From then on, he would have a higher chance of putting up a good fight against those Tribulation Realm warriors without taking great risks.

This realization really delighted him.

His efforts today had been very fruitful.

... ... ...

"Master, what happened?"

"Kid, what the hell is going on?"

At that time, Violet and the gnome approached Austin carefully as they stared at the thunder unicorn gleaming brilliantly.

Both of them were smart enough to sense the mesmerizing energy of the majestic beast.

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