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   Chapter 944 Refining Blood Cloud

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Austin practiced the Golden Sun Scripture inside his body.

He immediately felt the powerful vital energy started to flow in his energy meridians.

He could feel his vital energy perpetually circulating and healing him -- his energy meridians, bones, muscles, and viscera were all recovering.

Austin communicated with a diminutive golden light in the elixir field using his mind while he was practicing the cultivation method.

He had already cultivated the Golden Sun Scripture to the second level.

Aside from the big golden ball of light in the elixir field, there was another golden light that had already taken shape.

The miniscule speck of light was a spot of brilliant gold in the blackness. This represented the second level of the Golden Sun Scripture.

Austin had to cultivate the new light spot as immense as the first golden light ball to succeed in cultivating the second level.

Using his mind to communicate, the small golden light spot passed out of his body and hovered above his head.

Then golden rays burst forth, with a brightness to rival the sun itself, and it shone on the superior vital energy crystal wall around him.

The spiritual energy was extracted out continuously. It was absorbed by the golden light spot as it flew towards the crystals.

Austin could feel the small spot of light growing bigger. He could feel it absorbing more and more spiritual energy as he concentrated even harder. . . .

While Austin was curing his wounds, he took pills and elixirs to complement the cultivation method he was practicing. He could feel its strong effect coursing through his body as it healed his body steadily.

Austin had already killed countless of masters of the Astral Realm and warriors of the Master Realm.

When he encounters an enemy at a higher stage than the Master Realm, he would try to take their Space Rings once he vanquished them.

Therefore, Austin owned a lot of pills and elixirs. . .

As time progressed, Austin could feel that his wounds are now healing at a quicker rate.

A hour passed since he started.

Two hours became four.

And before he knew it, six hours came and went by. . .

Austin sat quietly as he was fully immersed in practicing and healing himself. He was as steady as a monk meditating.

By this time, almost fifty hours had already passed.

Austin had taken up all pills and elixir he prepared for his meditation.

The spiritual energy of most vital energy crystals on the thick superior vital e

ng out of the crock. They were all violently vibrating in the process, like a monster begging to be released in a cage.

Then all the drops of the blood above the crock converged and fused together and turned into a cloud of blood.

A billowy pressure pervaded from the blood cloud.


Austin was shocked as he watched the events unfolded in front of him.

He was surprised that the crock was containing copious amounts of blood.

On top of it all, the power from the blood seemed to be phenomenal.


Austin felt frightened, as he could feel the blood in his body start to get affected by the crock's contents. He could feel his veins thump from being so strongly influenced by it.

This was not how he expected things to turn out.

If Austin didn't do anything to stop it, his body would explode.

He had to find a way to put the terrible blood back into the crock.

Austin was racking his brain to find ways to deal with this situation quickly and effectively. . .

Suddenly, inside Austin's body, he felt a lighthearted emotion dominated him --it was the beast soul of the thunder unicorn bursting out an effervescent roar.

It flowed out of Austin's body all of a sudden and rushed into the terrible blood cloud above the crock. Austin looked at it in amazement.

The blood cloud rolled in the air violently. It rotated and roared around the beast soul of the thunder unicorn.

Austin had refined the beast soul of the thunder unicorn, so there was this connection between them.

He could vaguely sense that the beast soul of the thunder unicorn was refining the blood cloud.

Austin found this very much surprising.

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