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   Chapter 943 Heal The Wounds

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Austin decided to take a chance and tried to reach out for the bead.

"Austin, stop!

Don't touch it, you bastard!"

as Barret shouted to Austin, a group of people appeared at the gate of the hall and came in one by one. "Wow! What's that? A silver bead!" someone exclaimed.

For a short while, they were only about a dozen.

But then more and more people followed them in, and soon there were over one hundred people in the hall.

In spite of the powerful and continuous thunder attack, they had managed to come in.

Needless to say, they were all strong and powerful cultivators, and certainly formidable and capable.

The precious silver bead had drawn everybody's attention.

They all knew that there was a valuable treasure in the hall, and it turned out to be this rare object!

Seeing Austin's suspended right hand, they deduced that he intended to claim the silver bead as his own.

They all roared with anger, "You bastard, you can't take it!"

"Don't talk nonsense. Let's stop him!"

"I know you are a good fighter, but if you take it, we won't let you get away with it.

It's hundreds versus one, and you won't be a match for us! Think twice. You are doomed to die if you dare to take it,"

they shouted at him as they cautiously drew closer to him.

At the moment, all the thunder flashes had zeroed in on Austin and kept still as they focused on him.

Because of this, the other cultivators could walk freely in the hall without being attacked. They even thought they were free from danger, for the thunder radiances were only pointed at Austin. Austin stared at the cultivators. They got closer and closer carefully.

Barret was among them. The rest were cultivators from the Sky Sect, the Magic Hand Sect, the Ghost Puppet Sect, and the New Moon Sect, and there were many excellent fighters from Astral Realm who were once engaged in the plan of killing Austin, as well as some other warriors from Master Realm.

Austin hated these people very much.

"Ha-ha, you all want this, right?

Then come and compete with me!"

Austin smiled ruthlessly and his eyes darkened.

A perfect plan occurred in his mind. Once he took the Thunder Bead, the thunder radiances would

tisfied with the City.

It seemed that it proved stronger than he thought!

He was delighted that it was powerful enough to resist the powerful attack of the thunder radiances.

Austin then crossed his legs and sat down in the street.

He had been fighting all the time for the past two days. He felt physically and mentally drained.

Today, he endured two tough battles with his strong rivals, and he was seriously injured.

He had not recovered yet and his body was full of wounds.

Austin knew that he was strong, but if he ignored these wounds, it would pose a threat to his further cultivation. He had to focus on healing the wounds immediately.

He took out some elixirs and hundreds of thousands of superior vital energy crystals from his Space Ring, and then placed the crystals around him to build a strong wall.

After making these preparations, he sat down with the strong wall around him.

He checked over his wounds carefully, discovering that they were more serious than he had expected.

He sighed, forcing a smile.

He had pushed himself to keep fighting with his strong willpower and excellent execution ability.

Now that his plan had succeeded, he could finally relax.

Only at this point could he feel the acute and chronic pain all over his body.

It turned out that he hadn't merely sustained external wounds, as his internal organs also hurt very much.

'Well then, my first priority is to heal them!' he thought to himself.

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