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   Chapter 942 The Thunder Bead

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Austin walked slowly, taking each step gingerly

After several contacts with the lightning, Austin knew that it was one of the most irritable and aggressive energies in the world, which should not be messed with at will.

In the hall wandered tens of thousands, even hundreds of millions of lightning flashes.

Despite the calm, they would definitely launch a devastating and apocalyptic attack once they were provoked.

Austin estimated that even if he was ten times stronger, he would not be able to bear the attack of the numerous lightning flashes in the hall.

So he released his power of spiritual sense and carefully observed his surroundings, while walking slowly.

His mind had also gotten connected to the City so as to hide into it with the fastest speed once there was any sign of trouble.

…… …… ……

One step, two steps, three steps, four steps.

Austin walked step by step to the huge golden table in the middle of the hall.

At the same time, bursts of powerful suction issued forth from the beast soul of the thunder unicorn on his body surface and the Thunder Elixir.

Flashes of lightning around him were constantly absorbed.

A moment later, Austin had reached the golden table.

The jar which was constantly erupting blood-red light had been placed on the table.

And the bright silver bead was suspended directly above it.

…… …… ……

"Pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat, pit-a-pat…"

Suddenly, Austin found that the blood in his body seemed to be summoned by some power.

It began to boil up like water in a kettle!

The blood in every blood vessel stirred and started to fiercely course through in his body like furious rivers.

Every piece of skin of Austin's body turned scarlet in an instant, making him look very odd.

Under every inch of skin, there seemed to be blood ready to bubble out.

The blood vessels all over his body felt as though they were going to explode.

Austin could not help but stare at the jar in horror.

Obviously, it was causing the weird reaction from the blood in his body.

"Damn you! Calm down!"

Austin managed to force his blood to calm down by using the power in his body.

It was lu


Austin was stunned, as he glanced back.

What he could saw was Barret, the Holy Son of the Thunder Sect, who stood near the gate. Barret was trembling violently like sifting chaff and staring at the silver bead above the huge golden table, with his eyes popping out of his face.

"It's impossible! Impossible! How could a legendary thing really exist?"

Barret murmured to himself, a little out of his mind.

'The Thunder Bead?'

Austin was surprised. That was what the silver bead was!?

"Austin, you can't get the Thunder Bead!

It's an invaluable treasure. Even the sect leader of our Thunder Sect will go crazy for it!

Well, Austin, my sect is willing to pay any price. Holy weapon, spirit elixir, high-level cultivation books, divine vital energy crystal, and even our most valuable secret skills.

Anything you want.

You can even join the Thunder Sect and become the principal disciple so that you can enjoy all our training resources.

And you can even enter into many secret training bases!

Just give the Thunder Bead to my sect!"

Barret hoarsely yelled at Austin in a state of madness as his eyes fervently stared at the silver bead.

'The Thunder Bead is really so precious?

Even the leader of the Thunder Sect is desperate for it?'

Austin got a little excited owing to Barret's hysterical tone.

"Ho. You ask me to give you the precious bead. Ridiculous!"

Austin gave him a sarcastic smile.

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