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   Chapter 941 The Crock And The Gem

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"Winnie, it's your turn!" yelled Austin.

His tone dripped with menace and threat as his eyes fixated on Winnie.

"Winnie, come back!"

Isis, who was at the edge of the square, panicked after seeing all of that and started shouting.

Winnie knew she could not withstand Austin's attack under such circumstance, so she made up her mind and pulled a rune paper from her Space Ring.

She used vital energy force to light up the paper, covering herself with the yellow light of the blaze.

Then, she was transferred back to the edge of the square in Isis side.

Warriors, who were present in the area, stared at them.

Austin had seen such kind of rune paper before. It was a Primary Teleportation Rune, a magic treasure that could enable teleportation.

The paper was extremely precious, and it would be impossible for average warriors to have one of those.

"Shit! She sure can run!"

Austin cursed in frustration.


Suddenly, he felt that his body had been torn apart with every inch of his flesh broken.

A deep sense of vulnerability enveloped him as he tried to resist the pain.

He was aware that his body had been hit by at least four or five hundred flashes of lightning.

Yet, even with that tremendous force, he was still alive. There were three reasons for it.

Firstly, his body was very strong and tough enough to withstand the critical hit.

Secondly, the Thunder Elixir and the beast soul of thunder unicorn absorbed most of the thunder's power.

Lastly, the Magic Sea Water healed his wound in a very short period of time.

Had it been anyone else, he or she would have been undoubtedly dead if hit by that amount of lightning.

"Wooooo!" Austin breathed out.

The respiration of his voice was evidently weak.

'Okay, this has to stop.'

Austin ceased his attack and fetched another jade bottle and once again drank a couple more drops of Magic Sea Water.

It was the origin of life, and it healed his body rapidly.

After his quick recovery, Austin gazed at the people who attacked him earlier, glaring at their faces one by one.

Then, he turned around slowly and continued to head towards the front gate of the

eething and was almost out of control.

Austin was utterly stunned that he adjusted his breath to quench his seething blood.

The rampage of his insides was appalling.

Apparently, it had something to do with the crock.

He wondered what was it with the jar that could make his blood rage in just a smell of it.

Austin had the power of four million pounds of strength inside his body.

The power it took to send his blood rummaging in an instant must be extraordinary.


After a while, Austin took another glance at the mysterious crock.

He was then drawn to a gem floating above.

That gem was surrounded by a tightly packed lightning.

With that much illumination, the gem shone brightly.

Austin could feel a formidable power that could destroy the entire world oozing out of that gem.

The vibrant aura seemed to be daunting and imposing as it permeated the entire hall.

'What gem is it?" Austin uttered, completely clueless of what it could be.

He took a step closer, obviously drawn into it.

There were only one golden table, a crock and a gem floating above in the hall and

the rest were millions of flashes of lightning, prowling around.

Nothing else, aside from those, were presently valuable.

It appeared that the only treasures in that hall would be the crock and the gem.

Austin was quick to make up his mind.

He finally approached the table, intending to take the crock and the gem.

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