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   Chapter 941 Austin's Overwhelming Battle

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It's too late!"

Austin shouted.

After summoning the Thunderbolt Movement Skill, Austin chased the steward from the Sky Sect.

As Austin neared the steward, he swung his fist.

The tall and skinny steward's cultivation base had reached the preliminary stage of Astral Realm.

He could thus, feel the tremendous power surging behind him.

He froze for an instant as shock coursed through him. Then, the steward turned and tried to defend against Austin's attack by using the martial skill of his vital energy force.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom……"

Suddenly, earth-shattering thunder exploded, and lightning danced and ripped through a dark and greying sky that reminded the onlookers of doomsday described in ancient books.

Unceasing storms of thunder and lightning bolts bombarded the land all around the cultivators.


The steward howled, as a lightning bolt struck him.


Austin didn't focus on the streaks of lightning that struck his body. Instead, he directed all his energy toward his attacks.


Austin's punch hit the steward's charred body, and it turned into ashes that scattered in the fierce wind.

In the next instant, scores of lightning bolts landed on Austin—each burning his flesh, turning it a ghastly black that oozed blood. His flesh sizzled and the stench of scorched skin diffused into the air.

Luckily, the thunder unicorn's beast soul that had enclosed Austin's body absorbed most of the energy from the lightning.

Austin held the Thunder Elixir in both hands and watched as it soaked up the power of the lightning.

Even though extreme pain coursed through his lightning-struck body, Austin knew that the injuries were minor and that he hadn't been severely hurt.

The beast soul of the thunder unicorn and the Thunder Elixir were the magic treasures that allowed Austin to endure the lightning.

Other people at the scene were also struck by lightning, to a greater or lesser extent.

Everyone was frightened and summoned their magic treasures to defend against the wild lightning.

The purple-haired youth, Winnie, and Mr. Gold Hand also used their holy weapons to resist the lightning.

No one dared to move swiftly because the quicker they moved, the more susceptible they would be to the lightning strikes. Thus, their chances of being targeted by the bolts of lightning would increase tremendously.

...... ......

The crowd was unable to believe what had just happened. They were dumbfounded!

Perplexed, they watched speechlessly.

"Hey, come on! That's far from enough!" Austin shouted to the lightning sky as he wanted more lightning bolts to strike down.

Austin suddenly launched the Thunder Elixir in his hands. Soon, the Thunder Elixir released a spate of stick-sized lightning bolts that converged with the lightning in the sky above the palace.

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom..."

Austin's plan did work. Releasing the Thunder Elixir led to the discharge of several hundred bolts of lightning. These strikes mercilessly bombarded Austin.

"Now, it's your turn!"

Despite his injuries and the most recent bombardment that Austin had to endure, he summoned his bodily movement skill that allowed him to move like a whirlwind. In a flash, he was standing in front of another Sky Sect steward.

However, that steward did not notice Austin. He had been busy injecting his vita

y was about to collapse. He staggered several steps backward and vomited mouthfuls of blood.

He had been defeated. After all, few could survive Austin's attacks as he had released more than 4 million pounds of force.

"Now, it's your turn!"

Austin targeted the purple-haired youth.

And then he raced forward!

"Go to hell, you bastard!"

The purple-haired youth was the Holy Son of the Sky Sect. He effectuated his powerful purple mists that transformed into purple dragons to attack Austin.

The Ivory Board on his head was a holy weapon.

However, it was resisting the lightning strikes and protecting the purple-haired youth. Thus he couldn't afford to take it off to engage Austin.

"Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!"

Austin threw out scores of punches, like a madman.

He fired one spiritual demon and twelve Spiritual Sense Flying Spears at the purple-haired youth's Soul Sea.

All the purple dragons shattered.

The purple-haired youth began retreating once his Soul Sea was constrained.

He kept vomiting mouthfuls of blood. Obviously, he was hurt.


Austin howled as more streaks of lightning strike hit his body.

Austin knew that his body was totally worn out. He could not hold on anymore.

So he stopped attacking the purple-haired youth. He then touched the Space Ring. A jade bottle containing Magic Sea Water popped up in his hand.

A dozen drops of Magic Sea Water were forced out and flew toward Austin's mouth.

Streams of life source soon poured into and spread throughout Austin's body.

A steady flow of life essence helped Austin's body to recover.


Indeed, Austin was lucky to have carried the Magic Sea Water. Otherwise, he would have died.

And that, Austin knew better than anyone else!

...... ......

"Dear lord!

That bastard! Is his body made of iron?"

"Even if that were true, he shouldn't be able to endure the agony anymore.

I saw hundreds of bolts of lightning strike his body.

That bastard! Why is he still alive?"

"He doesn't even look like he's close to dying. He still has the strength to attack as wildly as a lion hunting its prey!"

People around the square were perplexed.

The events unfolding before their eyes were beyond their understanding.

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