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   Chapter 940 Thunder Giant

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 10972

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"So, you are the famous Austin!

I never expected that the famous Austin will someday stand in front of me.

Everyone talks about the person with that name, and that's you. I have heard so many times about how legendary and invincible you are. But I don't care at all. Because whatever happened earlier will not happen today. And today you are going to die."

Barret, the Holy Son of the Thunder Sect spoke threateningly. When the other people of the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom heard him, they finally realized that the young man they were fighting against was Austin.

Meanwhile, Barret began activating his spiritual sense in his Soul Sea. He had to keep fighting against the attacks from Austin's spiritual demon and Spiritual Sense Flying Spears.

Sounds of thunder and flashes of lightning appeared around Barret's spiritual soul, which formed a mysterious and bizarre picture.

It surprised Austin that although Barret's spiritual sense was not as strong as his, the defense force of his spiritual soul was incredibly powerful.

Austin could not believe that Barret was able to bear the attacks from the spiritual demon and Spiritual Sense Flying Spears. In general cases, only one attack from Austin's spiritual demon or Spiritual Sense Flying Spear was formidable enough to defeat the enemy.

Austin could not help but marvel and admire the man before him in his heart, 'I've got to admit that this guy does surprise me. How does he do that? His spiritual sense is not that strong. He must have practiced some arcane spell which strengthens his defense force. Probably that explains the thunder and lightning around his spiritual soul.'

"Austin, it thrills me that if I kill you, I will get not only the thunder unicorn's beast soul, but also the holy weapons and divine vital energy crystals offered by the Sky Sect. What an attractive reward! The Sky Sect readily takes out one of its priceless treasures in exchange for your life.

You are dead meat!"

Barret, however, was not able to take advantage of his skills or strengthen his position during the intense fight against Austin.

It became worse as his spiritual soul got attacked severely in the tense situation, by Austin's spiritual demon and Spiritual Sense Flying Spears. Both of the attacks from Austin were working together to invade his Soul Sea.

It was also a huge blow to his pride. He was the Holy Son of the Thunder Sect, admired by thousands of disciples in the sect. But now, he was struggling hard to fight against Austin, and all he could get was a draw. He was losing his patience and control.

Barret closed his eyes and began activating his vital energy. All of a sudden, he opened his eyes. Anger blazed in his eyes. "Now! Thunder Giant!"

he exclaimed. Finally, he was bringing out his trump card.

Thousands of flashes of lightning, wide and bright, surged up and enveloped him.

The lightning began intertwining with each other. The next moment, there was a gigantic shadow which appeared. It started covering Barret from all sides like a dome.

The gigantic shadow, with firm and sturdy muscles, held a huge hammer in his hand. It was dressed in a silver armor and carried a formidable air.

The armor was dotted with thousands of lightning flashes which kept g

wide as an arm, surged up from the Thunder Elixir, and rushed towards the mass of thunder and lightning that was hovering over the palace.

"Stop him now! He's going to summon thunder!"

Barret cried out in panic as soon as he saw Austin's movement. He was able to guess Austin's intentions.

Earlier when the others found and besieged Austin, they thought they were sure to win this fight, so they just stayed easy on the spot.

But now, they finally realized the crises facing them.

In a matter of a split second, violent attacks were thrown towards Austin.

"It's too late!"

Austin yelled. The instant he finished his words, his fists moved. Carrying about four million pounds of force, he swept over his enemies.

During all this, the golden ball in his elixir field came up and floated over his head. The dazzling light of the golden ball formed a defense dome around Austin, protecting him from the attacks.

When Austin was throwing attacks from his strong physical strength, the golden ball had become as big as a house, shielding him from his enemies' attacks.

However, there were several attacks from the enemies' vital energy force that passed through the dome and hit Austin's body.

His body had been gradually recovering from the serious injuries he suffered earlier, but now he got hurt and started to bleed again.


A roar of thunder echoed. The impetuous rumbling was as loud as an explosion.

The mass of thunder and lightning over the palace began roiling, as if they got irritated.

The sky seemed to be torn apart as the thunder boomed and flashes of lightning filled up the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It rolled like ash being expelled by a volcano, becoming a rolling booming rumble. It declared to all the raw power of nature, and gave fair warning of the wrath that was to come.

What happened the next moment knocked everyone down with a feather. All the thunder and flashes of lightning darted towards the place where Austin stood.

"Step back, master!"

the steward exclaimed in surprise to the Holy Son of the Sky Sect.

The horrible scene made the steward of the Sky Sect panic. He flashed backwards immediately.

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