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   Chapter 938 I'll Make You Pay Next Time!

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The moment four or five bolts of lightning struck his body, Austin used his mind to summon the Thunder Elixir and the thunder unicorn's beast soul from his elixir field.

Then, a huge illusionary thunder unicorn appeared and enclosed Austin's body.


The lightning collided with Austin's body protected by the thunder unicorn. It then turned into a million tiny bolts of lightning. A thousand tiny lights flickered wildly, which made Austin look like a luminous hedgehog.

Suddenly, the Thunder Elixir in his elixir field erupted with a brilliant silver glow.

The Thunder Elixir instantly absorbed the flashing lightning.

Then, all the lightning around Austin disappeared.

This was not the first time that Austin had absorbed the lightning energy.

Since receiving the Thunder Elixir and beast soul from the thunder unicorn, Austin would use the elixir to absorb energy during a thunderstorm.

Considering Austin had done this before, he was experienced in this aspect.

So four or five bolts of lightning were of no serious deal to Austin.


More than a dozen lightning bolts, as thick as human arms, fell from the sky and hit Austin's body.

Then, a dozen bolts of lightning burst at once, turning into a mass of electricity that swirled around Austin.

Once again, Austin looked like a glowing hedgehog.

This time as well, the Thunder Elixir and beast soul of the thunder unicorn absorbed all the lightning.

And then, Austin's body was back to normal again.

Meanwhile, with the help of the Magic Sea Water, half of Austin's injuries recovered immediately while the remaining half began recuperating rapidly.

... ...


At this moment, all the men who were chasing Austin stopped abruptly.

None of them dared to rush to the gate of the Thunder Palace.

They were afraid that it might trigger the lightning sensor, and if that happened, they would die for sure.

Everyone was staring at Austin. They gaped—with their mouths open, eyes bulging and necks stretched as if invisible hands were choking them.

"What the hell is going on?


he looked up.

He saw a muscular, swarthy man with a huge golden axe in his hand, standing about a hundred meters away from the Thunder Palace's gate.

The man's name was Barret, and he was the Holy Son of the Thunder Sect. He looked greedily at Austin—a deep red blush spread from his neck to his cheeks as his breathing grew erratic.

Barret had been concentrating on resisting the thunder and lightning as he inched closer to the palace. He was driven by greed—all he wanted was the treasure in the palace.

However, his progress had been slow as the palace had been surrounded by continuous roars of thunder and lightning strikes.

So, Barret had not noticed that several hundred cultivators were attacking Austin;

at least not until Austin reached closer to Barret and a few bolts of lightning fell around him.

That was when Barret turned and noticed Austin.

As soon as he saw the huge illusionary thunder unicorn wrapped around Austin's body, his eyes widened. Barret was so fascinated by what he saw that he couldn't take his eyes off the thunder unicorn.

His heart beat so fast that it felt like it would jump out of his chest.

As the Holy Son of the Thunder Sect, Barret had spent his entire life practicing the cultivation methods and martial skills of thunder and lighting.

So, he knew how advantageous and precious it was to have a thunder unicorn's beast soul.

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