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   Chapter 937 Sheer Magic

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7575

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"You asked for it, little brat!"

Many who were wounded got infuriated by this.

"He is so tough.

His real power is not lower warriors of the Astra Realm!"

Someone soon learnt his real power first hand.

"Screw it. No matter how powerful he is, let's take him together. Shred him into a million pieces!"

Austin's action angered the people around him. Everyone turned on to him and started to attack with full force.


The space around where Austin stood started shaking vigorously.

Vital energy force kept coming at Austin one after another.

Had they been a group of Master Realm warriors, Austin would have a chance to put up a challenging fight.

Now they were a bunch of warriors of the Astral Realm. It was a different story altogether.

Austin's situation was a bit unstable. He had been hit several times by vital energy force and it affected his strength.

His clothes were torn to pieces by the brutal power of vital energy force, gone with wind like a bunch butterfly.

Austin's body was very strong. So for the time being, he only sustained some bruise and scratch with no vital injury.

Although none of the wounds were deadly yet, Austin began to feel a bit dizzy as blood started gushing inside his chest.

More and more warriors joined the fight against Austin, thus strengthening the opponents. New waves of vital energy force blasted towards him.

Austin sheathed his Lightning Sword, and he started throwing his punch like thunders.

The golden ball kept circling above Austin, blocking vital energy force launched at him and somehow protecting him from getting killed.

"Slaughter him, now!"

Caring not for his wound, Austin used Thunderbolt Movement Skill like a god of war, moving in front of warriors in a flash.


Fists with the power of four million pounds struck out alternatively and rained down on a couple of warriors.

One warrior of the preliminary stage of Astral Realm and four warriors of the premium stage of Master Realm were instantly killed before they got the chance to take another breath.

But Austin also paid a dearly price for this merciless massacre.

He received a dozen hits on his own body.

Each of those blows caused him unbearable pain that spread

wed them wishing that he would feel better.

He felt some warm streams spreading in his body.

Elixirs started healing his body almost immediately, but he knew well that it was not enough given the severity of his wounds.

Without thinking twice, Austin touched his Space Ring.

A jade bottle appeared in his hand.

"This Magic Sea Water is called the origin of life. I am wondering how strong is its healing power."

Austin applied his vital energy. It came out of his palm gently and the cap of this jade bottle came off.

A couple drops of blue liquid landed into Austin's mouth.


The feeling of vigor and life filled his body once again, spreading like a warm breeze during spring or a fine aged liquor.

It was very comfortable for the heavily wounded body. Austin gave out a sigh of relieve.

His pain was lessened by degrees

and his terrible wound where the bones were sticking out were healing itself rapidly right in front of his eyes. It was amazing.

New flesh was growing, covering the bone.

A couple drops of Magic Sea Water, and Austin felt like he was recovering from his wound quickly.


This was real magic!

Austin was extremely satisfied with its healing power.

"Boom! Boom!"

Austin made it to about four hundred meters from the gate of Thunder Palace

before five thunders struck down on Austin

with ear piercing sounds.

"Oh no! He really is charging for the gate after all!"

The one behind him shouted in frustration.

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