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   Chapter 935 Being Trapped In A Brawl (Part Two)

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Updated: 2019-09-25 00:03

But right there, behind him, was the Thunder Palace. When he realized that, Austin's fears began to fade away, and he was overcome by a sense of calm.

Others might have been afraid of the lightning arcs at the top of the Thunder Palace, but Austin was not.

'If worst comes to worst, and I am unable to cope with all the joint attacks, I will rush directly towards the top of the Palace. Then, I will jump into the ocean of thunder and lightning.

I am pretty sure that no one would dare to jump into such a formidable ocean of thunder and lightning and fight against me, '

Austin thought calmly. ...


You all want to kill me because you want to get the holy weapon offered by the Sky Sect. Am I right?"

Austin uttered slowly as he scanned the warriors around him one by one without the slightest expression of fear.

Austin's calm attitude immediately startled those around him. At once, a buzzing noise started again.

"Huh? What's going on? How come he is so calm?

Why is he not afraid of us at all?"

"Has he been scared out of his wits?"

"Maybe he is just a little weird?"

"Yes, he could be. Come to think of it, since the Sky Sect is willing to pay such lavish rewards just to kill him, then he definitely must not be some ordinary guy."

The warriors became so engaged in their discussion once again.

... After a while, the discussion died down.


someone yelled abruptly. "I know you are just bluffing. Don't pretend to be calm anymore. Just surrender and follow me to the Sky Sect.

We won't kill you. We will only take you to the four elders of the Sky Sect so that we can get the rewards. What they will do to you is none of our business.

Have you heard of the Four Devil Clowns? If you have heard of us, then you'll know that we never kill others. We are only int

warriors around him simultaneously.

... ...

The warriors around him did not expect that Austin would have the ability to launch so many attacks while being besieged by so many warriors with a much higher stage than him.

More than that, they never expected him to be able to wield his attacks that quickly.

Meanwhile since the warriors were gathered closely together, they could not fully utilize their bodily movement skills due to lack of space. But that wasn't even the worst part. The worst part was that if they hadn't been packed so tightly, they might have been able to dodge Austin's attacks in time.

After just a few seconds, a lot of them had been severely injured by Austin's attacks.

Those whose cultivation base were in the Master Realm stage were either killed or crippled the moment they were touched by Austin's fists or that giant golden ball, or chopped by his Lightning Sword.

In just a blink of an eye, Austin was able to kill more than two dozen warriors in the Master Realm stage.

The bodies of the two or three Astral Realm warriors who were closest to Austin were also smashed into pieces by Austin's attacks.

Dozens of Astral Realm warriors were also physically injured.

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