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   Chapter 933 Austin Was Noticed (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6368

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While the throng was whispering and marveling at the young man, a tall and strong man took action. He was muscular, with tan skin and bulging shoulders and muscles. Holding a giant golden axe, he walked towards the gate. Before long, he had already reached the spot which was about one hundred meters away from the gate.

Thunderbolt fell from the sky and dashed towards him one after another.

The strong man was not frightened. Instead, he laughed out loud as he took out his axe and hacked in the air forcefully. As a result, thousands of sparks burst and formed a large piece of light screen. It successfully blocked most of the thunderbolts from reaching him.

The bolts which successfully approached the man hit him. However, they did not do any harm. The man remained intact as though he had absorbed them!

"Ha ha. These strikes of thunder and lightning are fatal to others. But not me, not at all! They are nutritious for me and I benefit off absorbing them!

I'm sure there must some precious treasures with lightning properties inside the palace.

And my strength will be enhanced greatly once I obtain them! I'm going to defeat everyone and rank the first in the ranking match of Holy Son.

Ha ha ha! Destiny is helping me! I will be the winner!"

He strode towards the gate, proudly proclaiming this.

"He is the Holy Son of the Thunder Sect from Elite Holy Kingdom!"

Someone recognized him.

'The Thunder Sect? Elite Holy Kingdom?'

Austin repeated to himself, recalling something.

He had dealt with people from the Thunder Sect when he was in the outer range of Grand Desolation Mountain.

Back then, the young master and some elders of the Thunder Sect were hunting the thunder unicorn. It was beaten heavily thanks to their fierce attack.

Austin, by accident, came across the badly injured beast. He gave his Thunder Elixir and beast soul to Austin.

That wa

thousand divine vital energy crystals!" another man echoed in a greedy tone.

"According to a steward of the Sky Sect, they have already prepared a medium-grade holy weapon!"


A medium-grade holy weapon!

A thousand divine vital energy crystals! Such bounty!

All the warriors were taken aback by the mention of this. Their eyes grew greedy as they stared at Austin.

A medium-grade holy weapon was an amazing prize.

And even one divine vital energy crystal would be priceless, let alone one thousand of them! They were almost as valuable as thousands of superior vital energy crystals!

Astral Realm warriors' faces turned red as their eyes lit up with greed. All of them wanted to get this reward!

The value of this offer was more than generous for Master Realm warriors, who were inferior to Astral Realm warriors. They too were eager to win it!

"Now! Send a message to the elders using the Contact Jade Slip! Tell them that we found Austin!" someone lowered his voice and whispered.

It turned out he was a disciple of the Sky Sect, one of the many that had been sent out to search for Austin in secret.

Once they detected Austin, they took out their Contact Jade Slips from their Space Rings and sent out the important message.

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