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   Chapter 932 Thunder Palace

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 6021

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Few cultivators could resist the temptation of two holy weapons.

"Let's follow Austin. We can look for treasures while finding a chance to take him out.

Although Austin's longbow is a holy weapon, it will still take him some time to shoot it. Besides, bows are ranged weapons.

We need to find a chance to get close to him before executing him.

That way, he couldn't use his bow to hurt us.

As long as he can't use his powerful bow, we can get him easily,"

the stout man snorted.

"You're right!

Let's go follow him."

... ...

Meanwhile, on another mountain, four middle-aged evil men looked up at Austin who had flown past them.

"I suppose this guy is the one the Sky Sect wants. They even offered a high reward.

Looks like this brat isn't that strong, though!

He's only at the medium stage of Master Realm. Why would the four elders of the Sky Sect offer a holy weapon to the one who can take his life?"

one commented.

"That's none of our business.

I heard the Sky Sect in the Heavenly Dragon Holy Kingdom has many strong cultivators. Now that they are willing to offer such a high reward, it means this brat isn't easy to handle.

Our job is to rob, steal or catch wanted fugitives.

This is a good chance for us. We can't let it go,"

another responded.

"I agree with you.

We've robbed many people since we got here, and we've gotten many valuable things.

Let them seek treasures. We can tail after them and take things from the weak cultivators who are alone and vulnerable.

Ha-ha. They work so hard to collect treasures, just to surrender them to us. We will make a fortune,"

another said.

"We're at the premium stage of Astral Realm.

Keep one thing in mind: our targets are those whose cultivation bases are below the medium


Without warning, several bolts of lightning struck a cultivator at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm.

This cultivator was about 400 meters away from the door of the palace. Before the lightning hit him, he inched forward with great care.

He had become excited as he was about to reach the palace.

Startled, he stepped backwards hurriedly.

He raised his shield and transported his vital energy to it, trying to protect himself. A few seconds later, the shield lit up brightly.

It was a top-grade divine weapon, of the highest make and caliber.

But since the streaks of lighting moved so rapidly, they hit the shield within moments.


The shield shook violently and fumed.

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The lightning flashed and thunder rumbled over the palace as the second the streaks of lightning hit the divine weapon.

Suddenly, dozens of flashes of lightning struck the cultivator at the same time. Some of them were as thick as an arm, while others had the girth of a tree trunk!

"No!" the cultivator screamed in sheer fear.

Thoroughly freaked out, he turned tail and sped away.

Lifting his shield high, he kept infusing vital energy into it.

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