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   Chapter 931 A Reward For The Capture Of Austin Offered By The Sky Sect

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7084

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"Buster, you are courting death!"

one of the Astral Realm warriors shouted. A lad at the medium stage of Master Realm had played a trick and grabbed the annona fruit from dozens of Astral Realm masters!

Feeling disgraced, they tried to stop Austin, in an attempt to reckon with him.

"Violet, let's go!"

Austin knew he was no match for dozens of Astral Realm masters. He had no choice but to exercise his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and tried to dash out of the valley as fast as he could.

Violet turned into a blue light and vanished into the Illusion Bead when Austin passed by her.

Having plucked plenty of elixir herbs, she was also duly rewarded this time.

"Stop, you bastard!"

angry voices from a dozen Astral Realm masters echoed as Austin made his getaway. They chased after him closely.

Meanwhile, some other Astral Realm masters chose to stay in the valley to collect other elixir herbs.

With the help of his Thunderbolt Movement Skill, Austin flew a little faster than the Astral Realm masters who were chasing after him with all their efforts.

For a few moments, they failed to close in on Austin

as his figure skipped over a peak and another.

Soon, they gave up the pursuit.

All of them had come here for treasures, and none of them knew how long they needed to catch up with Austin as he moved so swiftly.

Besides, shrouded by dense treasure spirit and miraculous brilliance, it was evident that this mountain range was home to an abundant amount of treasures.

Chasing after him proved futile, and so

the Astral Realm masters decided to focus on obtaining the elixirs instead.

.... ....

"Elixir Palace!

Come, bro! There seems to be an Elixir Palace on that peak!

We'd better get there before the others do!"

someone shouted in the distance.

"I heard someone has found a Spiritual Weapon Palace ahead.

But as the gate of the palace is guarded by a certain array which prevents anyone from entering it, many warriors are trying to break it.

Let's hurry up!

I think the Spiritual Weapon Palace must be home for various magic weapons, prob

ut he has a longbow, which is a very powerful magic weapon.

On the Sand Island, he destroyed the Super Collective Array with that weapon, leaving six of the Ten Prominent Disciples of Punishment Branch dead and the other four severely injured.

Then he shot two arrows, killing two stewards of the Sky Sect whose cultivation base was at the Astral Realm.

I also heard these pieces of news from disciples of the Sky Sect in person,"

Wilbert told him.


So that buster is a really a hard nut to crack,"

Maynard sighed. There was trepidation on his face.

"A warrior at the medium stage of Master Realm who can kill an Astral Realm master with a longbow!

I'm afraid this means that his longbow must be a holy weapon, probably a medium-grade or even a high-grade holy weapon!

It's the only explanation!

If we can kill Austin, we will possess both the holy weapon offered by the Sky Sect and Austin's!

Two holy weapons!

How wonderful!"

Maynard said. His eyes glinted with greed as his breath became tight in his throat.

Maynard was a powerful warrior with a cultivation base at the medium stage of Astral Realm.

As an independent cultivator without any background from any sect, two holy weapons were greatly appealing to him.

"Ha ha, you are right, Maynard. That's exactly true,"

Wilbert laughed. His eyes too shone with a glint of determination and desire.

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