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   Chapter 929 Ninth-Grade Annona Fruits

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Austin exerted his bodily movement skill at once. The next second, he flew towards the mountains.


As Austin flashed by the mountains, he glanced at the view under him.

The mountains in this area stretched in all directions. Rolling hills were scattered as far as he could see. There were only some ancient trees covering the mountains. Austin could even see the brown earth of this arid landscape.

Time and again, brilliant lights appeared at a few of the peaks, which led the cultivators to go for there for treasures.

They exerted their bodily movement skills to scout for treasures around the mountains.

Numerous cultivators were entering the mansion of the ancient master.

Austin estimated that at least four to five thousand cultivators had succeeded in getting out of the Heavy Gas area and reached here.

They were mostly Astral Realm cultivators and the top ones among those Master Realm cultivators. The mere fact that they had reached here required a strong cultivation base.

"It's an elixir field! Oh my god! It's an elixir field! And a large one too!"

A surprised voice rang out.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

In a flash, several cultivators sped towards the hill where the sound came from.

Austin followed at once. He sped up and flew in the same direction.

After a moment, he reached it, floating over the hilltop.

From where he was, he saw a flat landscape at the center of the hill. There was a huge elixir field covered with intense spiritual energy, about ten acres in area.

A soft breeze carried the fragrance of the luxuriant elixirs on the field, refreshing everyone within dozens of miles around.

"Fifth grade! Sixth grade! Holy moly! There are even ones of seventh and eighth grade!" "Wait! Is that annona fruit?" "Oh my! It's annona fruit! And not only one! There are three annona fruits and they are all ninth grade!"

"God! I will make a fortune!"

The cultivators were so excited that their voices were trembling.

After all, a seventh or eighth grade elixir alone was a rare sight in daily life, not to mention a ninth grade one. In this regard, it was not an exaggeration to say that a ninth grade elixir was worth more than a million.

Thousands of cultivators had swarmed the hill. Austin could now only see the entire hill dotted with numerous figures from where he was.

Each of them was staring at the elixir field with wide, greed-filled eyes.

Outside the mansion, no one could easily get an elixir, especially a seventh or eighth grade one, unless at a huge price.

But now, there was a large field covered with lush elixirs in front of them. Everyone could own the elixirs as long as they were able to take them.


acted three Astral Realm cultivators at the same time.

While they were fighting amongst themselves, the gnome had gotten near the three ninth-grade annona fruits through his teleportation ability. Then he aimed beast soul energy at the two Astral Realm cultivators several times to distract them.

In a flash, he had picked up the three annona fruits.

Then he spun around and disappeared into another dimension at once.

"Where are the three annona fruits?! A demonic beast took them all!"

The three Astral Realm cultivators also had a strong spiritual sense, endowing them with keen auditory and visual sense.

They figured out at once what had happened.

"The damn demonic beast! Stop!"

"Boom! Boom! Boom!"

The cultivators aimed their strong vital energy force at the spot where the gnome disappeared.

But they were too late. All their forceful attacks were in vain.

"Hey! Why did you attack me?

It was all your fault! Otherwise, how could a demonic beast ever take all the annona fruits in front of me!"

said the Astral Realm cultivator who had been hit by Austin's attack. Rage burned in his manic eyes.

"Now I got it! It's you! You just launched a spiritual sense attack at me! I can tell! I can tell from a trace of your spiritual sense!

It's the same as the spiritual sense attack which was thrown at me."

The other two put the pieces of the puzzle together.

"Now I know! The demonic beast must be this asshole's minion. When he attacked us to distract our attention, the damn demonic beast got the opportunity to take the annona fruits,"

said one of the three Astral Realm cultivators, glowering at Austin once he finally understood what just happened.

"That explains so much!"

The other two gritted their teeth, realizing that they had been had.

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