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   Chapter 928 Rob The Holy Son Of The Ghost Puppet Sect

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7098

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After seeing how effortlessly Austin took care of the two puppets, which could match cultivators at the preliminary stage of Astral Realm, the onlookers didn't dare to gossip about him anymore.

Even the cultivators at the Astral Realm stared at the lad without saying anything. Their expressions reflected the caution they felt.

"What do you want, Austin?

I'm the Holy Son of the Ghost Puppet Sect.

If you do anything to me, our sect leader won't spare you,"

Cameron shouted. Although he was panicking and scared, he tried to be stern.

"I killed the stewards from the Sky Sect, and destroyed their stronghold in the Daylight City.

Do you really think I am afraid to take your life?"

Austin snapped with a faint smile.

"Austin... You..."

The seriousness on Austin's expression left Cameron speechless. He knew that Austin wasn't bluffing. Cameron would die if he dared to offend Austin.

'Sky Sect is as influential as our sect.

If he has the power to murder people from the Sky Sect, he won't hesitate to kill people from our sect.

Why did I mess with this guy? I'm an idiot!

Now he is angry and intends to kill me. I'm in big trouble.'

The thought left Cameron feeling uneasy.

As a disciple of the Ghost Puppet Sect, his forte was manipulating puppets.

But Austin had destroyed all his puppets.

Cameron had just reached the premium stage of Master Realm, and he was aware that he could not defeat Austin without his puppets.

"Austin, I shouldn't have behaved like that.

Look, there is no deep hatred or rivalry between us.

We don't have to be enemies. Let's forget about this. What do you think?" Cameron said in a much friendlier tone.

His attitude toward Austin had changed dramatically.

"Is that so?

You want me to let it go?

That's ridiculous. Don't you think you're being too naive?" Austin said teasingly.

With a defiant expression, Austin laughed loudly.

'He tried to mug me. This guy now realizes he is at a disadvantage, so he is pretending to make peace with me.

I guess he always bullies the weak and flatters the strong. What a cunn

they tell others about this, I'll be a laughingstock.

This is all Austin's fault, ' he thought, blazing with anger.

The crowd understood how Cameron felt. No one had the guts to discuss what happened between him and Austin. They immediately turned around and continued to trudge forward.

.. .

Austin didn't even look back when he heard Cameron's threats. Instead, he smiled and continued walking.

Moments later, he crossed the boundary for the Heavy Gas area.

He paused and took a deep, relieved breath.

'I finally left that shitty place, ' he thought.

Austin looked ahead.

The scene unfolding caught him by surprise.

'What's going on?'

The imposing palaces had disappeared.

Instead, he saw vast, ancient mountains.

'When I was transported inside the mansion, I encountered numerous palaces.

After I passed the Heavy Gas area, I see mountains. Unbelievable!

The mountains occupy a large area. They also appear to be desolate and quiet, although I do sense activity in the mountains.

It looks like several cultivators reached there before me. They must be searching for treasures, ' he concluded.

Austin unleashed his spiritual sense to detect what was inside the vast mountains. Without wasting another second, he activated his Thunderbolt Movement Skill and headed toward the huge mountains.

'If I don't hurry up, there will be no treasures left, ' he thought.

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