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   Chapter 926 Have A Taste Of My Fist Skill (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5899

Updated: 2019-09-22 09:59

In Austin's opinion, he didn't do anything wrong, lest cause the death of the boy. He just walked at a speed faster than the others, and most certainly didn't ask the boy or force him to compete with him. The boy did it himself, and so he died because of his own stupidity. So why should Austin be responsible for it? That was just absurd.

"All right. If you want to have a fight, let's fight.

I have nothing to do with your disciple's death. I cannot be wronged, and I'm not a person to be falsely accused!" Austin said in between clenched teeth.

He stared at the middle-aged man with a pair of angry eyes.

Rage intensified in his insides, and with it was his surging intention to kill the man before him.

He took a step forward and immediately initiated his physical strength.

Then he stretched out his right fist to launch an attack.

A loud noise filled the entire area as the force squeezed through the air.

As a result, the space shook violently.

The huge palm formed by the middle-aged man's vital energy was blown up to nothing as soon as Austin's energy clashed against it.

"Have a taste of my fist skill!"

Austin leaped quickly like a ghost. With just another step forward, he had already reached the middle-aged man who looked awkward in the battle.

The man had to defend himself from Austin's attack with his vital energy force on the one hand. At the same time, he also had to protect himself from getting hurt by the Heavy Gas filling in every corner of the space with all his might.

Due to all the restrictions, he was able to use only fifty or sixty percent of his energy, though he was a capable warrior.

He was even inferior to Austin in terms of bodily movement skill.

"Watch out for my fist!"

Austin nea

just a couple of strikes of his fist skill.

That was far beyond the imagination of all the warriors present to witness such a misfortune.

Those warriors, who had said something ironic about Austin, felt nothing but fear in their hearts at that instance.

They all lowered their heads to avoid Austin's gaze with the Master Realm warriors feeling frightened the most. They were worried that Austin might kill them as well, as the young man had gotten desperately excited in the fight.

All of them would think of escaping by their bodily movement skills if they had been in other places.

However, it was barely possible for them to use that skill in the Heavy Gas area.

Austin quickly took the Space Ring in his hand as soon as he killed the man. Regaining his usual composed expression, he hid it secretly into his pocket.

He returned to cast a cold look at all the warriors around him. Then he activated his bodily movement skill and dashed forward speedily again.

All the other warriors heaved a sigh of relief after Austin had disappeared from their view.

Those warriors, who had relentlessly criticized Austin, found their spines wet with sweats.

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