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   Chapter 925 Have A Taste Of My Fist Skill (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-09-22 00:22

The handsome young man soon caught up with Austin.

His amazing speed stunned Austin so much that the latter froze temporarily in shock. Taking advantage of the moment, the young man passed by Austin at a fleeting rate.

The young man had to exert a tremendous amount of vital energy force to maintain his speed, and it was indeed exhausting. However, he could not afford to save a little bit of his vital energy force, as it would slow him down dramatically. Consequently, his vital energy force was getting weaker as his speed went faster.

The brilliant light brought by his powerful vital energy force dimmed remarkably that even the naked eye could tell the difference.

Obviously, the vital energy would be consumed at a faster rate in the Heavy Gas area than in other places.


Stop! You're moving so fast! It's too dangerous!" a middle-aged man shouted at the boy worriedly.

He seemed to be a warrior at the level of Astral Realm. As an advanced warrior, he apparently knew what the boy's recklessness would incur. His face turned pale for the danger the boy would soon face.

"It's too dangerous. Is he not aware of the possible consequences? Oh, what can I say? Young men these days..."

Some other warriors spotted the dangerous situation as well and discussed it in a low voice.

As everyone anticipated, the last thing they wished to see happened at last.

The young man had moved for another thousand meters after he overtook Austin, forcing himself to activate his vital energy force to the extreme. After consuming the maximum of his vital energy and gradually running out of it, he began to lose his capabilities to protect himself from the horrible pressure. Heavy Gases in the space squeezed him and finally


He planned to walk to the other end of the Heavy Gas area by his physical strength. When he got the brim, he would speed up to break through the Heavy Gas area with the aid of his vital energy force at the last minute.

That was a tactic most of the warriors would resort to.

Facing the culprit who had caused the death of his disciple, however, the middle-aged man had apparently lost his mind. The only thing he wanted to do at that moment was to kill Austin, no matter what the cost would be!

The man briskly moved as soon as he initiated his vital energy force. Next thing, he utilized his bodily movement skill at an astonishing speed.

He dashed towards Austin and approached him just in a blink of an eye.

"I must kill you for Tim!"

He rallied his force to form a gigantic palm of vital energy that was several hectares in size. It fell from the sky and dashed towards Austin directly.

"What the hell!

Are you nuts? Why are you blaming me for the death of your disciple?"

The man's irrationality upset Austin to the extreme. Hearing the man blame him for what was happening here, was the most ridiculous joke he had ever heard.

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