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   Chapter 923 Follow Up Austin (Part One)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 5899

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'That must be especially difficult for them to move while surrounded by the Heavy Gas.

But moving through it is just as easy as blinking an eye for me. After all, the Heavy Gas is nothing against my physical strength.

I did not even expect that my physical strength would help me under this situation, but it turned out to be very useful. Lucky me to have come this place and refined all those sea beasts, ' Austin marveled in his mind as he moved freely under the Heavy Gas.

His powerful physical strength enabled him to ignore the strenuous pressure of the Heavy Gas and let him run freely. Meanwhile, the other cultivators were walking extremely slowly since walking under the pressure of the Heavy Gas consumed so much of their energy that every time they took a step forward, they had to stop and gasp for air. Thus, it only made sense that when they saw Austin running past them with ease, they all found themselves dumbstruck with amazement. How could such things even happen? The only explanation could be that they were too exhausted and they were started to see things.

Most of the cultivators that Austin had run past by then were Master Realm cultivators.

But as Austin continued moving forward, he also passed by some Astral Realm cultivators.

Being stronger than those Master Realm ones, the Astral Realm cultivators were walking much faster than the Master Realm cultivators under the pressure of the Heavy Gas.

They moved at a pace that was just as fast as how they normally walked.

Some of them whose cultivation base was superior among the Astral Realm cultivators, could even walk in a brisk manner.

But none of them -- not the Master Realm nor the Astral Realm cultivators -- could move as quickly and as freely as Austin.

ral palace. We cannot let the little asshole get his way. We need to get out of here before him."

"Yeah! You are absolutely right. We need to get out of this area before he does. After all, the first one out might have the chance to win the first prize, and there must be a huge amount of treasure in the central place. If that little asshole gets out of this area before we do, he will definitely take all of them, and there is no way we can let that happen!"

"Let's go now!"

The other cultivators moved faster in an attempt to chase after Austin. They were well aware that they would get nothing if he got to the central palace before them.

There were lots of young but talented cultivators among the cultivators present there. In their own sects, they were considered to be outstanding and brilliant beings. Therefore, they were always at the center of everyone's attention.

The moment they saw Austin, a young man with the same age as them, attracted all the other cultivators' attention, they felt extremely overwhelmed with jealousy. Until then, they were always the star of the show, and being put in their place like that only triggered their ignorance.

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