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   Chapter 922 The Unusual Heavy Gas (Part Two)

Rebirth of Martial God By Wo Chi Mian Bao Characters: 7350

Updated: 2019-09-21 00:22

By the way, who is your mentor? If there isn't any, you can call me your mentor or master. I wouldn't mind if you address me that way. Also, as your dedicated teacher, I can assist you even more.

Here is another piece of information that I won't charge you for. I will teach you how to walk through the Heavy Gas area by managing your own body strength and vital energy force against it. If you do as I say, your skin will never experience that fate of cracking again.

Listen well, lad. First, you should rely totally on your body strength as it wears down more slowly than vital energy. Remember to take your time and move as steadily as possible. This way, you save a lot of vital energy for later use.

Only when your body strength drains that you should release your vital energy, bit by bit, little by little. Or you can perform your vital energy which is skilled to resist the Heavy Gas. This is how you are going to handle the sensitive gas we were talking about.

If you are wondering about the mechanism behind the tricks, here is my very own perception on it. You see, the Heavy Gas is energy consuming so if you release your vital energy when you set foot in the area, your vital energy will soon be emptied out completely. In this case, you will have to rely totally on your body through the rest of the journey which is not ideal. It isn't safe, is it? Or if your body is not strong enough, then boom, here it goes. Do you understand?

These are all my thoughts and personal experience. Remember, go slowly and steady. And always rely on body strength first to preserve your vital energy."

The man shared his expertise as if Austin was his cherished student. But with God as his witness, Austin did nothing but contributed a little flattery to this so-called mentor. His sudden earnest teachings made Austin feel mixed emotions of overwhelming embarrassment and cautiousness.

'Such a candid and outspoken man. I wonder how he would survive the maliciousness and danger out there, ' thought Austin, quite amused of this new personality he just met.

At this moment where everything seemed so uncertain, numerous warriors had gathered around this generous middle-aged man to

ecame silent. The spark sounds stood out in the awkward quietness like a proud general who sang his victorious songs in front of his defeated enemies.

As soon as Austin took off, his footsteps sounded like music breaking the silence even attracted the attention of thousands of busy warriors at the periphery.

Suddenly, all eyes were fixed on him.

Nearly all warriors were completely stunned by his agility and strength. It was indeed a big question as to how strong this man's body was.

Some of the overwhelmed warriors were more experienced and knowledgeable than the others. A portion of them even had been to their sect's Heavy Gas training room. In spite this edge, none of them were capable of running in such high speed demonstrated by Austin.

Where did that man come from? How did he train? Questions kept coming, one after the other.

"What the hell? Hey buddy, did you see a man running? Am I muddle-headed or bleary-eyed?" A man asked his seat-mate anxiously.

"There really is a running man. Your eyesight is definitely fine but I'm not quite sure if anything's wrong with your head," answered the second man harshly.

"Hey! Mind yourself! Do you want a fight?" hollered the first man at its utmost volume as he was trying to make sense of what had happened. But Austin couldn't hear them because he was already deep into the Heavy Gas. A lot of people were convinced that their vision had blurred when Austin disappeared from view.

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