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   Chapter 919 Enter Ancient Master's Mansion

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Many cultivators burst out to exclaim in excitement.

Soon all the warriors fixed their eyes on the entrance of the palace at once.

The two doors were opening slowly and dramatically.

A couple of minutes of later, they finally opened ajar in front of the huge audience.

It meant that all the people present could enter the ancient master's mansion to seek treasures finally.

"Guys, let's get inside,"

someone declared in high spirits.

Out of the blue, cultivators jumped up and flew towards that palace.


"Well, everyone, be ready to enter that place," Felix said, gesturing for the rest to follow him at the right moment.

He shot into air and headed towards the mansion.

Others including Austin followed him immediately.

A few seconds later, they reached their destination.

Even though the doors were open, a dazzling light engulfed them.

As a result, no one could unleash their spiritual sense to detect what was inside the house.

"Be careful, guys. The entrance is unstable due to some time and space issues. It can be dangerous.

I have a feeling that we might be transported to different places after we get through the energy light.

Ancient master's mansions are always dangerous for they are full of defensive restrictions, or even traps. Compared to those masters, we are mere amateurs.

So when you get inside, use Contact Jade Slips to find each other and gather together.

It would be safe if we look for treasures together,"

Felix requested.

"Boy, take this Contact Jade Slip. You can contact us with this in the residence.

Seems like the four elders of the Sky Sect hate you a lot and hold a lot of grudge against you.

When you enter inside, meet us as soon as possible," he then said to Austin.

When Felix spoke, he gave the jade slip to Austin.

Austin was deeply grateful to Felix for he knew that the latter really cared for him.

"Thank you, Uncle Felix,"

he replied as he received it from Felix.

Felix took the rest into the palace.

Austin entered the house too.

At approxima

thought to himself.

.. .

He stood on the square thoughtfully.

Moments later, he stepped forward in a bid to leave the square while looking around. At the same time, he wondered where he should head for treasures.

After exiting from the square, he saw many palaces in front of him.

On his way, Austin surveyed his surroundings carefully.

And he also unleashed his spiritual sense to foresee what was ahead of him.

He could see streaks of light beam into the sky from time to time. He knew that he could find some treasures as long as he made his way towards the light.

Austin thought it would be better for him to stay alert and proceed with patience. So instead of speeding up, he decided to stay put until he figured out something more about this place.

Suddenly, it crossed his mind that Felix had given him a Contact Jade Slip. He then took it out and tried to contact Felix or Justin through its aid.

Unfortunately, he didn't hear anything from the Contact Jade Slip.

These Contact Jade Slips only worked when the users were close to each other.

Now that he couldn't contact them, it meant that Felix and his companions were somewhere far away from Austin.

Not far from Austin's left, several Imperial Realm cultivators broke into a palace suddenly.

"Oh, my gosh, there are so many sacred weapons!" one of them screamed in an erratic voice.

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