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   Chapter 917 The Doors Of Ancient Master's Residence Opened

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"Looks like you're going to make a move.

Fine. I'm going to play with you," Justin said with his eyes squinted, defiant of his opponent.

A crease, depicting his excitement, formed between his eyebrows.

He then stepped forward without any hesitation and a tremendous demonic power rushed out from his body.

Waves of incredibly strong demonic force came and attacked the elder of the Sky Sect violently.


A strong sound was heard as the demonic force collided with the vital energy force that brought in a different kind of shock to everyone around.

The impact was so strong that the elder who had stood out took three steps backwards as he wavered before he was able to stand by his own two feet.

Such sight of weakness was embarrassing enough for him so he gnashed his teeth in frustration.

Obviously, Justin was stronger than the elder from the Sky Sect.

On the other side, Austin sensed such strong demonic power from Justin so he marveled at his strength. 'What he did was astounding!' he thought to himself.

He was certain that he could never match Justin's prowess.

"Sea beast! You're a sea beast!

Austin, you even colluded with sea beasts," the elder exclaimed with a frown.

He was able to discern Justin's identity because of the overwhelming demonic force that he exhibited.

With face distorting in anger, he who wore a green robe fixed his vindictive eyes on Austin.

'I'm at the preliminary stage of Tribulation Realm, while this sea beast has the power of the medium stage of Tribulation Realm.'

Diabolic beasts always possessed some special talents that humans weren't capable of having because of differences. Therefore, compared to the human cultivators of the same realm, their battle force was stronger and more promising.

Besides, the elder in a green robe, who looked frustrated, was at a lower stage than Justin.

Fully aware that he was no match to his opponent and truly cautious of his next move, he stood there, his face turning crimson because of embarrassment.

"I don't care who you are but Middle World Waters is our place. You, human cultivators, best behave yourself," Justin snorted in annoyance

He directly admitted that he was a sea beast.

.. .

"Back off.

Let me handle this sea beast who is too much of a braggart," another elder in gray began, as he stepped forward battle-ready.

Displaying composure, he stood still without releasing the vital energy force, acting like a wise elder.

Knowing that he stood no chance of defeating Justin, the elder in a green robe returned to where he had been to discreetly hide himself from his recent embarrassment.

"Hey, you four assholes, you can actually hit me together. I'm okay with that."

Justin's voice was full of provocation which brought so much discomfort and annoyance

he First Outer Ring and Second Outer Ring. I bet the three of them came here for the treasures in that ancient master's mansion, ' he presumed intelligently.

"Exactly, my friend! We're going to have a look there,"

Justin replied candidly with a laugh louder than his usual.

"Austin, seems like the Sky Sect is difficult to deal with. Let me know if you need any help.

I'll send my subordinates to assist you,"

offered the leader of mermaid tribe who stood aside and acknowledged their presence.

"Thank you, sir," Austin responded full of gratitude.

These sea beasts' kindness warmed his heart.

'Those cultivators want me dead so they would surely keep on pursuing me. But these sea beasts provided me the peace of mind I need through their promise of help, ' he affirmed.

As he was immersed in his thought, Justin's subordinates—a dozen sea beasts at the Transformation Realm joined their growing team.

Kim, a long lost friend, was one of them.

"What a surprise! We met again, Austin," Kim addressed, as he made his way to the young man about to shake his hand.

Since most of these sea beasts had fought by Austin's side, they walked towards him and expressed their warm greetings.

Austin's promising performance in the tense fight had impressed them. No wonder they all admired and respected the human lad with all their hearts.


While Austin chatted and shared stories with these sea beasts, an unfamiliar rhythmic sound coming from the sky drew his attention.

He immediately looked up at the sky and realized that the sound was from the residence they were eyeing.

The noise sounded like thunder growling across the heavy-spirited atmosphere. It was deafening to the point that even people far away could hear it.

"Look, the doors are opening!" a relatively new cultivator exclaimed with his heart pounding hard on his chest...

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