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   Chapter 916 Tribulation Realm Masters

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Austin squinted his eyes, as he attentively watched the four figures fly towards him in a fast pace.

Using his spiritual sense, he identified the figures to be old men.

But what alerted Austin was not their age but their vital energy forces.

Austin sensed that one of them was at the premium stage of Astral Realm.

But what shook him the most was that the remaining three other elders were even stronger than the Astral Realm warrior.

'Jeez, the other three are already at the Tribulation Realm.'

The Tribulation Realm was a level higher than the Astral Realm.

Austin couldn't help but smile bitterly internally.

He had initially thought that the Astral Realm cultivators were the most powerful people the leaders of those the Sky Sect had sent to the Middle World Waters.

But apparently he was mistaken big time. To his utter astonishment, three Tribulation cultivators from the Sky Sect were flying towards him right now.

'Looks like I might not be able to get through this, ' Austin thought dejectedly. It was like fighting a losing battle before it had even begun.

If only the four elders were at the Astral Realm, he was confident that he could still survive and save himself.

But the problem was, he was going to be up against three Tribulation Realm masters and one Astral Realm master all at the same time. Fighting them on his own would be suicide.

What was more, the four led a large group of the Sky Sect disciples. It was like an army of beasts led by four gods.

'Looks like I have no other choice but to run away.

It's pointless to confront with them when I already know what the outcome would be. I would be an idiot if I continue to stay here and wait to be killed by three Tribulation Realm masters, ' he thought.

Austin didn't waste any more time contemplating and gathered his vital energy in an attempt to make his escape.

.. .

"What a coincidence! I didn't expect that I would meet you here, Austin."

A familiar voice coming from another direction reached Austin's ears.

Austin, who was busy activating his Thunderbolt Movement Skill suddenly stopped.

He raised his head and looked at where the voice came from. His eyes widened with amazement when he saw who it was.

"Hello, Justin, Uncle Felix," Austin greeted, shock and curiosity evident in his voice.

He saw a dozen figures approaching him in lightning speed from the distant sea.

Among the group, were three figures who were obviously the fastest and had taken the lead.

The two of them were none other than Justin and Felix.

And the other one was a tall, handsome middle-aged man whom he had never met before.

"Ha-ha, don't panic, Austin. We're on your side. No harm will come upon while we're here."

Justin's loud voice resounded once more. It was filled with pride and confidence.

'Now I understand what's going on.

turned from bad to worse.

Justin's arrogant attitude greatly irritated the four elders of the Sky Sect.

As elders of the Sky Sect, the four of them received much prestige and respect among the sect.

It was the first time that they had met someone who had the nerve to yell at them in the whole South Continent.

However, Justin treated them in a disrespectful manner as if they were nothing more than a pest for someone like him.

"Sir, Austin killed our disciples in numerous occasions. We must teach him a lesson with his life.

This is between him and our sect. So if I were you, I would stay out of this.

But if you insist on siding with him and aiding him, we won't show you any mercy,"

one of the elders warned rigidly through gritted teeth.

"What the hell are you talking about? I've never heard about the Sky Sect?

If you don't go away, I'll teach you a lesson," Justin responded arrogantly.

Impatience was evident in his displeased tone.

Austin, who stood beside Justin chuckled inwardly as he listened to the ongoing banter between the two people.

'Justin is indeed one surprising fella. I never knew that he had an aggressive side.

He berated the four elders of Sky Sect as if they were little kids who had made mistakes, ' Austin thought.


"How dare you!

Don't think we fear you just because we tried to be polite.

You'll pay for your insolence and disrespectful behavior," one of the elders said in an exasperated tone.

He took a step forward and unleashed a horrifying vital energy force ready to attack Justin.

'I can finally witness a battle between the Tribulation Realm masters.

How powerful are they anyway?' Austin thought curiously.

He noticed that the elder was about to pick a fight with Justin.

Austin was secretly thrilled but maintained a serene expression. This was a great show that he would never miss for the world.

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